Rescue Journal

a heads up for this weekend

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2008

there is no staff here this weekend. mo will take care of the barn and laura and lana will be here on saturday for the house and the rabbits and lynn usually is here on saturdays too...i will be home at noon both days for feeding and meds. i can manage the house no problem at all on sunday after work cuz i don't have to work on monday and will have lots of time...and tammy will do the bunnies on sunday, but if someone could do up the americats on sunday if they have time, that will be really great. eva said she would drop by and help for a bit too in the afternoon. and we are moving the weekly skin dog baths to monday when angelina can come so no one who is icky will miss out on their nizorol bath.

as an aside..i think raymond might finally be starting to feel more settled and comfortable lately. stripe is alive and well and not so pissed off this morning. tang however is not such a happy camper, he is keeping a low profile in the cat room..monty knows he is in here and monty does not like tang so tang is trying hard to stay out of his sight.

what goes around comes around...there is always someone, somewhere who is bigger and tougher and meaner that doesn't like you...tang might be thinking about that today.


Eva Stock

A wonderful sight. Simon (our steet bunny) and his two nieces were touching nose and cuddling the other evening when I stopped in to give them their carrot treat. Then they all started eating together, Carol and I are really hopeful that they realize they are related. Just awesome. That is Simon, Spiffy and Puff. Eva