Rescue Journal

it is a bit of a worry night

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2008

ellie came out today but when i got home from work, she started screaming and running across the riding ring to me. i went over to see what was wrong and i THINK she is running a fever. anyway, i took her into the barn right away and put her to bed. i will try really hard to get the vets out tomorrow.

jewel is limping tonight, she was even more nut-ily active this weekend than usual. she is going for her first accupuncture treatment tomorrow because apparently we need her to feel even better than she already does.

oka just came home from the K9H2O fundraiser for the FVHS..laura, lana and eva were his escorts...he was the hit of the party, mr. popularity and he came home happily exhausted and limping too. i gave him a tramadol and he went straight to the couch.

i was talking on the phone to my daughter when all of a sudden i see a small pool (vs a puddle) of blood on the floor..."what the heck?...gotta go sweetie, someone is bleeding here!" anyway, it was lady...that blood filled mass on the back of her leg picked that moment to burst. now she has this gross empty, bloody sack dripping down her leg. thankfully laura and eva arrived so they held her while i bandaged it. guess lady is off to the vet tomorrow to cuz i want that gross hanging thing off of her now.

anyway...bits of worry but nothing horrible (at least not yet), ellie is my biggest worry and even with her i am hoping the vets tell me she is just sunburned and lazy and i am over reacting with her.


Eva Stock

hi Carol;

Was there this pm but did not want to disturb you as I knew you had a very busy day. Could you blog? As I am worried about Ellie Mae and the three little ones that were to leave today. How did Lady do at the vets? I will chart everything tomorrow. Hope you gwet a good rest. I took Jessie for a run, walk and I fed the bunny treat and Frodo too. The Americats were starving so I gave them a little too. I worked from 10:15 til 5:30 today at that apt. Things are getting done. They were so grateful they insisted on taking me to dinner.
See you tomorrow. Eva


hi can yu tell us how oka did yesterday and eva there are 2 bags of kibbles and bits for jesse underneath the sink thought she might like a variety. nope you all had fun at the fundraiser