Rescue Journal

it is a small world

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2008

the folks came to meet tiger lily, buddy and sissy...they fell in love with tiger lily, sarah and tawnie. nothing has been finalized or decided yet, we are still in the process part of possible adoption. BUT they brought their 2 young grandsons who were visiting from saskatchewan. their mom works for the prince albert spca and my beloved hook was a foster cat in their home. he remembered the boys and they remembered him, hook is pretty close to the end of his life (altho he is so very strong and determined, he might just keep surprising me) and it is almost like he came full circle from homeless rescue to beloved friend with a chance to say hello again to the family who saved him for me. i love that cat.

busy day...dump run done. lady got into the vet and she is still there,,,they will surgically remove that deflated hanging thing and give her a dental while she is under...just waiting for her pre-op bloodwork to return. jewel had her first accupuncture treatment, jewel is not a fan of having needles inserted into her person...she did ok but not as good as everyone else has done but then jewel is not everyone else either.

lisa came out to check out our ellie...she THINKS there is nothing terribly wrong, just that callous on her foot is hurting so we tried to cut it off. 3/4's there and then ellie won and i will try to get the rest of it off tomorrow...that ought to be fun. anyway, beloved pink princess is not apparently dying so that is good.

however...rusty the rooster is not doing well..he has looked not good for the past couple of days....he is not the proud, strutting rooster that he normally is and i am a bit worried about him. chickens are really hard when you don't know how old they are cuz you never know what to expect. here i am hoping that he perks up tomorrow and starts to strut his stuff again.

the vet advised me to get another cow for percy. she says he is reaching the age where he could start to get dangerous and needs a calm cow to keep him cow vs human occupied so i am back to thinking we should be looking around again.

i think that is all the news today, except my daughter is back from her holiday. she and a friend toured the eastern provinces and then finished off with a tour of new york. since new york is my home state and the city was a big part of my life, i am very glad she enjoyed herself and got to see some of the major historical sites that are there. they saw ellis island, the statue of liberty, the empire state building, central park, the john lennon memorial and of course the memorial at ground zero...i forgot to ask if they got to the village, the bronx and grand central station. her highlight of the trip was seeing "the lion king" on york, new york...a world unto its own and a history so thick and sometimes so tragic and yet a strong and vibrant city with a life of its own....but i am glad she is home safe and sound and where i can see her, i can put that motherly worry away for now.


Eva Stock

Thanks for blogging all the info Carol. Awesome news about Hook. and The trip to New York. Glad Lady is getting done. Soo glad about Ellie Mae. I hope Rusty gets better, I really like him. Back to getting another cow, but he is getting a bit more aggressive, I noticed. See you later Eva Will chart it all.