Rescue Journal

i need to check myself into a hotel

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2008

i have a massive headache today and i am dreading all of the coming and goings and accompanying noise that comings and goings bring. i also absolutely have to go and find and hire a new accountant today as we can't use our old one anymore due to a conflict of interest with the tenant suing me in response to the order to vacate...god, rescue is so convoluted and complicated, i freaking well hate it. why can't i just rescue animals and everyone just leave me alone to do it instead of making it even harder than it already is?...of course the tenant will point out...he is not suing saints...he is suing me personally because apparently that then makes it ok. whatever, whoever....just another expensive freaking headache to get that storage building back again.

my new motto...if it is too good to be is too good to be true so save myself the headache. quit thinking that people are like me...cuz they are not. too many strings, too many delusions, too much previous baggage for me to deal with..... NO ONE will ever give what i give here...accept it, believe it and maybe i won't get caught like this again and i can save myself some future legal fees.

sigh, ok done whining, no wonder i have a headache this morning, negative shit brings negative thoughts and negative thoughts bring freaking headaches.

first person arriving...oh for a quiet, darkened hotel room today.....



If you decide to check into a Hotel, be sure it is not the Hotel California .... I hear you can never leave, at least that is what the song sez & we NEED you !!!!

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole, hope the headache starts to go away. Marie and I will be out tomorrow to do a spot of anything. Just wanted you to know - take care