Rescue Journal

it is the last day of july?...already????

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2008

time flies when you are having fun....

i have such odd lunch soon as i pulled into the driveway, trina and stan meet me with the news that jesse had just had a fall (while she was having a poop) and now she can't get up on her own and is trying to bite anyone who is trying to help her....oh joy. i grab a towel to lift her up to her feet and then we give her peanut butter spiked with pain meds so she is currently feeling pretty darn good. i just took her for a walk to the end of the driveway for a pee...and while she is walking like she has a board up her backside, at least she is weight bearing on all four feet.

i told her she was pretty darn wrecked if having a poop made her fall down.

then on my way back to work, a young bear was hit by a car and killed. the guy who hit him took off and there was this very nice elderly man standing in the road, trying to protect the bear from oncoming cars. i went back to the house and grabbed stan and dave and they came and pulled the bear off the road...poor thing, he was very beautiful.

people should slow down when they are driving, watching a bear crossing the road is much more wonderful then seeing him dead on the side.

i picked up the mail and there is a very kind $700 donation from new south wales...isn't that in australia? wow the world is getting smaller and genuine kindness is getting closer each day!

i am tired is raining and i am happy about that....and my one other good story today has nothing to do with animals.

it has to do with daughters, i raised.

my youngest is still a university student and she works alot of hours at rona to help pay her way. her car is an utter peice of crap and is constantly falling apart. so she heard about a senior couple who were selling their 1990 volvo for 400 bucks. she doesn't ask her dad or her brother or her boyfriend or her sister's boyfriend to go and look at it with her,,,she takes her older sister instead. dad said "are you freaking crazy?"...boyfriends said "are you guys totally insane?", brother said nothing cuz he didn't know..and i said "good for you guys, go for it." they go to see the car which is 18 yrs old and has 350,000 kilometers on is in very good shape and all of the bills are there from the day these folks purchased it brand new. the gentleman tells her it needs new front tires. so lindsey and jenn agree that this is a very good car and that jenn should now buy it. but the man is worried because jenn is a student that she might not have enough money to buy the new tires. so he drops the price to $150 to make sure she can buy them right away.....and she does sort of.

on the way home she remembers that she just bought new front tires for her old car so she goes over to the tire shop to see if they will fit, they do. she pays $50 to get them switched around, calls a scrap car place and gets them to pick up her old car and pay her $150. she then goes to canadian tire and for $100 buys seat covers and new floor mats to make her new car look nice. i go to look at her car which is clean and very safe and solid looking, i am happy she has a good solid car. she has booked it in to check it over and fix an oil leak and replace a couple of hoses that the man told her needed to be done. and at the end of the day, she now has a good reliable car that she paid for herself. and she and her sister figured the whole thing out on their own without a single man in sight, except for the decent and honest man who sold her the car.

the one thing i love even more than self-actualizing animals is self-actualizing daughters i raised.

yay you guys, good job!

and i would like to thank that very nice man for caring about my daughters safety and ensuring she had the means to take care of the tires right away. i am very grateful to you for that.



it was one of my neighborhood bears that was killed bridget, just around the corner on stave lake st.

i am apparently working afternoons on the weekend heidi(i thought i was on says but michelle asked me to switch)so i will be here until noon.

great quote of those "ah yes" truths!


is anyone having a garage sale as I have some stuff to donate to it. or does anyone need some plastic kitchen bowls, some pots and pans, christmas stuff or some 80's bedard posters of ducks. Carol will you be around on sat or sun at lunch? i'm hoping to come out and you can look through the stuff to see if you can use it and to help out. will anybody be out on sat or sun? good for jen and lindsey. poor bear!


Your daughters are a lot like you, Carol, caring, giving,loving, and above all, intelligent. They are, as I'm sure your son is, great reflections of their parents.

I'm sorry about the bear cub. Only the most heartless people on the planet can kill an animal and not ever stop to see whether it was still living.

It's so cool that Jenn got a reliable, safe car that she can count on. The gentleman who sold it is one of a dying breed. How many people out there would do nothing more than grab the $400 and let Jenn deal with it. Of course Jenn can do it on her own, but a little human kindness can go a long way

Karma, Jenn.

~There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.~ ~Hodding Carter, Jr.



if this was near 240th in Maple Ridge, on Dewdney, Carol, we saw the same bear racing across the street, yesterday. he RAN, galloping, and he was lucky that time. i couldn't figure out why he was down there, since there were so many people around, near the shops, and everything. (well, it's obvious- food.) people, of course, stopped, stunned- and i did hope to phone 411 to get in touch with some wildlife organization to move it out of the area- but i guess i hoped too high. :-/

he was HUGE! he was the size of one of the cars driving by!


well i am working all weekend too, and i also have tuesday off so do ya wanna do lunch, brunch, or lupper at rockos?


just letting you know that i am once again without home phone or home internet so call my cell if you need me. also i'm working all weekend (boo) so i won't be out until tuesday.


Good for her for being confident enough to make the decsion and getting what she needs. She must be her mother's daughter!