Rescue Journal

Tucker understands ice cream!!

Deb  ·  Jul. 31, 2008

Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream cones are a semi-regular treat our dogs really enjoy. Getting the cones home from the local DQ to our house without starting divorce proceedings is something in which I take great pride. Christine is a driving back seat ice cream advisor. She assumes I need.... and want, her expert help in how to hold ice cream cones in a freaking tray! You know what people say about those who assume....Chris has a little case of OCD, and lots of control issues. Let's leave it at that.

So we get home with the cones. None have been spilled; none have slid to the floor of Chris' car (oh thanks be to God). In our family there are ice cream champions: Keifer, Kirby, Clio and Sienna, ice cream up-and-comers: Piper, MacKenzie , Madison and Mollie, and the ice cream virgin: Tucker. Mabel thinks that getting out of bed for ice cream is ridiculous. She's holding out for caviar.

Tuck wouldn't take the proffered ice cream from me, but he took it from Angelina, as long as she hand fed him. No worries, if he needs to start out slowly, we can accommodate.

Keifer i not one to take it slowly, he bites all the ice cream and half the cone if he's allowed. Kirby, too. Gimme, gimme,gimme. MacKenzie is very delicate. Clio is not. Blind, brain injured Clio goes apey over ice cream.

Our Tucker has learned another new lesson about life outside the pen. That cold, white stuff gives me brain freeze, but wow, it’s worth it


Chris T

Deb exaggerates...we all know that!!! Besides I multitask well...especially now that I am better!


lol..good imagery of the cone tray balancing act under the watchful eye of a certain driver who probably should be watching the road!
might i suggest that just as popular ice cream sandwiches come neatly contained in boxes of 12.


yeah Tucker. Trev loves ice cream. Its the only people food treat I can give him that doesn't bother his allergies. Trev knew what a drive thru was before I got him ( I wonder who he learned that from?) and barks and barks until he has his goods.