Rescue Journal

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2008

she is more impatient and distrustful than jeanette. and the flies are bothering her more then they are bugging percy. but she ate a very good dinner tonight and there are no tears dripping out of her very wide open eyes..but i think that big eye thing might be a sign of her stress. i am assuming she lived in the very same place amongst the same herd for most of her life so being taken away and ending up here has to be hard for her to figure out. too bad i can't tell her it was here or it was dead, it might make it easier for her to settle in. i know she has been fed separate from the other cows since she got old cuz her owner said she wasn't assertive enough at the round bales.

and she is having nothing to do with me getting too close or poking around her private and beautifully spotted person so that ugly tattered blue thing is going to have to wait.... but i am telling her it really needs to come off. as long as she wears it she is subjugated to man, that thing is for moving her around and ain;t no one here gonna make her move anywhere if she doesn't want to (shhhh, until it is time to trim up her feet.)

so saint spot is apparently a strong and distant cow today...who knows who she will be in a very few weeks (i hope she lets me touch her face.)

but percy has already settled a bit now that he has another cow to hang out with. (i also hope she eventually lets him lick her and i hope she licks him back and i hope she lives happily here for a very long time.)

welcome's hoping for many, many good moments for you.



i still haven't gotten to see any licking happening! ratz!!

but, what i did see tonight is that spot is a very smart cow. first she came when i called her cuz she quickly recognized i was carrying a bowl. and later when i was picking the empty ones back up again, she came to see if any were still full. also i watched her fling around wood shaving, dirt and hay to get the flies off her back....ha ha and percy who is also no dummy, stood right behind her so he could get dusted off too.

AND she is no longer wearing that tattered pull along rope cuz steve got it off of her today, YAY.


Saint Spot is a beautiful girl!! I was up there earlier with Buca and sat for a while watching Spot & Percy. As for the licking it has all ready happened. Percy is more of a taker than a giver. For a good couple of minutes Percy had his neck stretched out while Spot licked his head and neck. He in return gave her a couple of small licks then he wanted more. It put a great big smile on my face to see Percy happy with a new cow to mother him. As for Spot it's so wonderful that she gets to relax and do what she wants to do after too many years of service...Welcome to Saints Spot!