Rescue Journal first screw up today

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2008

i got an email this from the very nice foundation group in australia that kindly sent us a cheque for $700...which they forgot to sign and i did not notice and deposited anyway. i can see i am going to suck at the simple book keeping stuff that i have decided to take on to save us some fees and keep better in touch with what is happening.

bad timing, lots of bills, not enough cash in the bank as it is...i guess i shouldn't have paid $450 for spot, nor maxed out my last reserve on my personal line of credit to pay off the tenant to move. thank god there is a bit of an emergency blanket in the paypal account, i better transfer that over to anticipate the return of the cheque.

sheesh, i swear to god, money is the root of all evil... too bad everything just wasn't free and banking stuff, no paper accounting stuff, no bills to headaches about money for me!

if i ran the zoo, said young gerald mcgrew.....



yes i believe money or lack of it can make life hard especially with a place like saints where everything but our love for the animals costs and costs and never ends. i think you did the right thing getting spot and i am sure percy will agree. it will work out it always seems to. yeah i know easy for me to sayi wish i had a lot of money to give you but i dont. maybe we will have to have some sort of a fundraiser again. it sucks having to worry all the time about everything. will be there again soon take care