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hoping to get better at the memory thing.

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2008

i just took an online memory recall score was zero (as low as you can get) and my recognition score was 40 (a perfect score)...hmmm, so i can't remember zip on my own but can remember it very well with a simple clue or reminder. gee.... does that ever sound like me!

some cat is pissing on my bed every day...i am having to strip it every single night and i am not too happy about this...if it is hook, well then, that is ok. (hook is has cancer, is VERY frail now and getting to the litter box might be more than he can manage sometimes)...but if it is one of those orange boys, then i am going to get mad.

i think i have had almost a year of no one peeing on my bed (at least it has been a long time) i have learned to appreciate this simple thing and am not too keen on going backwards in time. i gotta figure it out so i know who to look at...hook, i can help to the box a couple of times a day or the orange boys i can just kick right out of my room.

of course there is always the possibility of a dark horse i don't even expect...hmmm, dixie chick has been on my bed alot lately, maybe i should look at her too.

iky is settling again finally, she knows i come and go and is dealing with this. molly is stuck 3/4's of the way to better skin, not sure how to get her past the last reluctant mile. the vet came yesterday and got the rest of the callous off ellie's foot. tunie is back to her normal self with the increase in pain meds. lisa looked at spritely cuz she seems a bit sore and just wants us to hose her leg a bit more with the hot weather. she had a quick look at spot the new cow but more to familiarize herself with our newest saint...she didn't say anything to trina about her so i am assuming she thinks she is ok. but i did notice (and forgot to mention!) that spot has a build up of crud on her rear right hoof and she walks a bit funny with that. i am hoping as she settles she lets me scrape it off and see if she walks better without it.

i am on afternoon shift for the next 4 days, i hope there are not any staffing disasters again. i am going to really try to be more on top of my paper work.

i cannot express my increasing loathing for paper as it becomes some kind of duplicating monster every where i happen to be. if i was going to write a freaking scary book, it would be about paper going crazy and drowning it's victims under it's reams!


Chris T

The thing about paper is that as soon as you sit down and start to do it the battle is won.