Rescue Journal

yay for today!

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2008

imagine watching sanjaya, tikki, mosley, misfit, ronnie, charlie, merlin, the rock and even sunrise exploring their new outside area. ronnie likes it high, misfit likes it far (she is a little jump-a-holic), tikki, mosley, and charlie like it close to you. sanjaya likes to climb it and rock likes to own it and sunrise just likes to sit in it's grassy coolness. i wish alladin and red and albus could have enjoyed it too. that was my feel good today, coming home and seeing them really and truly happy to be able to go outside. yay americats, today was a very good day for all of you!!!!

lady has gone home with laura and lana tonight. she is out on a trial. little miss licky face has captured a couple of more very good hearts, lets hope that chance likes her too!

apparently the kitchen crew was hungry tonight before i got home so iky opened the fridge for them. they made themselves some dinner. laura cleaned up the dishes that none of them broke which was nice on everyones part and i thank you all for that.. i don't mind so much that they clean out the fridge, most of the stuff was getting kind of old. but i really do wish they would close the door when they are done cuz now everything still in there is warm.

i switched rusty's meds around today and i actually think he looked better tonight, so here is me hoping that my favorite rooster can rally himself back to wellness again.

i ordered another windchime tree today, i still have quite a few left to hang with no more room...including but not limited to... my beloved and sorely missed tally ho, sweet jeanette and mugsy with the best-est face in the world.

so my daughter phoned me twice to make sure i could join the family for her birthday dinner and both times i said i would look at tomorrows schedule to see when i could take my dinner break as soon as i got back into the office.... and crap, i forgot to look both times i was in there so now i will have to phone her tomorrow after i get to work again. the good thing is she already knows how my memory works (not) so she doesn't get mad at me for forgetting important things like calling her back.
did anyone see joshua win "so you think you can dance"?...i was so glad that he was the big winner. i like the whole underdog, coming from nowhere and nothing thing and he was an incredible dancer too. i really enjoyed that finale, it was FUN!.



I don't watch television, I don't have the patience or time for it, but I got totally swallowed whole by SYTYCD when Chris showed me a video of the "No Air" routine by Joshua and Katee. There were some beautiful (if not technically perfect....I'm not with the Bolshoi Ballet, so I "beautiful" and "perfect" are not the same to me)routines, some cool routines, some funky routines, some "God, what were they thinking routines", but the whole thing was fun. We were all members of the Joshua fan club here, too. He seems so very sweet.
Gotta say, though, if I never see the "for real" sign again, I won't be disappointed.


I've been watching SYTYCD very closely this season. Joshua and Katee were my favourites. They danced so well on their own, but somehow made each other better when they danced together. It was a great finale, I agree! And lucky Nicole might get to see them live... :)