Rescue Journal

exploitation 2

Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2008

i was going to write a second piece from the animals perspective on exploitation, cuz honestly they probably not only don't give a ratz ass...they most likely expect it. WHY? because animals are the biggest opportunistic exploiters in town. can you imagine a dog coming down the hill and finding an entire roast turkey sitting alone and unattended? would they think..."gee, do you think that belongs to someone else?"...."am i really and truly entitled to this?" and "who do i pay?"....heck no, they will grab the thing quick as lightening and chow down.

so does mixing stuff up and making it more complicated come from evolving into a more complex thinking species?

who really cares? spritely blew up her leg again tonight and it is really bad. laura came to put them to bed cuz i was stuck at work. she found spritely immobile and pawing the ground in the riding ring with her leg swollen up to her hip so she called me. i called the vet and met him here...she is running a fever which she hasn't done in almost 2 years. and this is a back to back flare up, we just finished the last one a few weeks ago. they don't usually come so close together so soon.

he gave her a sedative to calm her down and some injectible pain meds, he gave her both IV and IM antibiotics and now we wait and see.

the vet didn't latch the gate properly so that idiot percy was loose in the dark on the road...we did get him back in but then he lost his mind and became a doorknob bucking bronco. i swung a rope all around me and backed out of there pretty darn quick.

tammy called me earlier cuz andy got into an altercation with might have been copper or oka cuz they were standing over him, or it might have been cleo and they were just there to see what was going on. anyway he has a small bit of blood on him which i am sure he is not going to let me investigate i will start him on abx's too just in case and keep a distant but watchful eye on the unsocialized little bugger.

so all hell was breaking out around here while i was off making money to pay the mortgage and hydro. not sure what that was all about..i thought the 8th day of the 8th month of the 2000 and 8th year was supposed to be lucky...hah someone got that really wrong. anyway i don't care too much about exploitation today, my mind is on pain in the butt fur balls.


Vi Morse

I sure hope Spritely's leg is better. She is a lovely animal and doesn't deserve what pain she gets from that leg. Give her a hug from me. Vi


when do you guys sleep? i have been up half the bloody night with a jack russell i am taking care of for 3 days, a mother with dementia who went out for a smoke and left the dog outside .thank god he could not get out of the yard but about 3 30 i heard his barking. he was so happy to get back in and he does not get along with my 3 big dogs. tomorrow night seems like a long way off. i dont know lana, about this dog minding business. i will have to give it some more thought. lol at least we have a bit of rain for all the pastures and memorial garden. i will see you all later. maybe i waill come up there for a rest.


Yes Andy was a little stressed by the events of the afternoon, he was actually laying in a basket and letting me pet him and feel him up to check for injuries, which I couldn't find.
I also saw the outside catrun for the first time. Its quite breathtaking for them. They were all outside enjoying the grass and fresh air. I've never seen Merlin so active.

Chris T

We have opportunists around here. Deb left her 2 timmy's chocolate croissants on the table. She went to get them about an hour later and they were gone. I found one piece of the bag in the living room!!!

I hope Andy is ok. And Spritely too. That is scary.