Rescue Journal

still bleeding

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2008

still one nostril, but it is bleeding alot. and she is laying down now, which may be because it is dark and she wants to rest but shit, shit, shit, shit!...i am freaking out now....please spot, please, please, please just have whacked your freaking great big nose. please don't be bleeding cuz of the abcess thing.

editted to add is 11pm and it looks like the bleeding has stopped. she is quite tired of me peering up her nose with a flashlight and i am quite tired of peering up her nose with a flashlight too. so both of us are going to bed.

sorry for the freak out...apparently it was A and not B which makes me happy.

(sigh... tomorrow i will have to deal with the farmer we got her from, cuz i left a panicked message wanting to know if she had a history of whacking her nose. i bet i look like a lunatic to a certain farmer when that message is heard.)



Oops, I got sidetracked by Eva's comment! I'm blaming that on my thyroid too! Never mind the farmer I wonder what Spot thinks about all this. She probably has never had so much attention! Glad she is better! Spritely too. Sorry about Wes Nicole. That just sucks. Mo how is kitty?


Ha Ha I agree with you Eva. Right now I am in a mini war with my new neighbors. I get a letter every week about some infraction I have commited. Now they are picking on Trev's barking, which he isn't excessive about. According to the strata manager the person making the complaint is the one to determine what is a nuisance. I of course helped things by being completely childish. What you wish you could undo! I'm calling it hyperthyroid rage syndrome! Anyways, Trev who used to like these people now has this very low but menacing growl when we run into them. And when we do see them on their back deck he lies down and faces off with them until I can pull him away. Me, I avoid eye contact and pretend they don't exist. The council is on my side so hopefully this will go away. I've never seen Trev like this.

Eva Stock

Spot, please be more careful as we will be worried about you and we do need sleep!! I am crazy about all the animals in Maple Ridge and at Saints. Actually everwhere but people, not so much sometimes. Eva