Rescue Journal

i was doing soooo good.

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2008

turning animals away..... right, left and one has gotten past the gate since tawnie and sarah. (spot doesn't count, we were waiting for someone like her to come to be percy's new friend.)

saints welcomes....

squeakers...a 13 yr old street cat attached to a house that everyone who ever lived there, fed. but squeakers started to get thin and squeakers started to get sick and a house that put food outside was not enough anymore. someone in the neighborhood took squeakers to our vets, he is a full blown untreated diabetic. colleen asked if he could come here when he is well enough, of course he can.

gwen and al...gwen is a PB 7 yr old GSD and alastair is a 14 yr old yellow lab/pitbullx. very long convoluted story which i saw the beginning of a few years back... but basically these dogs have been in one crises after another in several different homes for the past several years. the final crises began today with living in a car with their newest owner, now sadly, homeless herself. since things never seemed to get better due to some pretty rotten luck or work out for them very well, i decided it was time to bite the bullet and take them here.

ratz! i was doing so well, i was so looking forward to finally regaining some sanity here.

sanity is hopefully over-rated....huge sigh.

i have pulled rusty out of the chicken coop, helga and aurora were starting to peck at him. chickens are family til one of them is too weak and then it becomes time to hurry them along on their way. not very compassionate animals in that sense of caring or loyalty. so rusty now has a private suite in the storeroom, maybe he will get better but i think he will not.



oh...and...jewel took one look at gwen and was stuck to her like glue...tail wagging, totally ya think she is envious of gwens long GSD legs?


just a little more about them...gwen is a very sweet, friendly and gentle dog. al is a total ball freak, toss the ball, toss the ball, toss the ball...hey, my ball disappeared....i can't get my head under the couch, can you lift it up so i can get my ball please?


she is adoptable, but i need to ensure that they are not highly bonded cuz i don't break up tightly bonded pairs.
i will know within a week or two how much, if any, that they need each other.


Carol, is Gwen going to be an adoptable dog? If so, I may have the perfect home for her.....and she'd be living in Mission. :)