Rescue Journal

looking for help

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2008

i need some help remembering.

i know i promised the americats and jesse would have their outside areas before the end of the summer and they do. the americats love theirs, and jesse absolutely refuses to go step foot out there. she knows it is a trick so i can wiggle out of walks with her day and night. so she just says "no, thank you very much... i prefer walks instead."

whatever. we are using that area for oka now when we aren't around to watch him.

but did i promise anyone else anything? i can't remember, i think i am up to date on my promises and would like to take a break from fulfilling them and concentrate on our storage problems for the next little while.

i know we are still waiting for the roof on the shavings shed, but i made no time limit promise on that.... altho we should get on it before the rains of winter come again.

does anyone remember anything else?