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chance to win 2000.00 for SAINTS

Sheila  ·  Aug. 17, 2008

If you follow the above link it will describe a contest that asks you to describe in 250 words or less why your dog is special. There will be 5 winners of 2000.00. The money will go to one of the pedigree adoption drive partner shelters. Saints is one of five shelters in BC chosen as a partner shelter. I tried to do Luke's story which started at 556 words and I managed to widdle down to 332 words. The contest ends August 29th. I thought I would post here so that everyone who reads Carol's blog and would like to try getting SAINTS money here is your chance. Good luck.



shoot i wish my dogs did great things but they all areot really very good atanything, except eating and pooping and sleeping and loving me. hopefully someone else will submit something because it would be great for saints to win some money.