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sick call updates

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2008

nola...i have been ignoring the fact that nola is slowing down and her lumps are getting much bigger. i think i am ignoring it because i know what it means which i just would prefer to not know. but...nola has the opportunity for a permanent foster home which means i am honor bound to look reality in the face...IF those are still just fatty lypomas but growing bigger, it is time to get them off as they are bugging her and will need to be eventually dealt with. IF they have turned malignant for some reason then we need to know that now too before we make any decisions about moving her when maybe she shouldn't be moved.

raymond...time is running down for him, he is getting close to the end of his road. he was the one dog i really wanted a happy fairy tale ending for but thats not ever going to happen now.

maude still is worrying me and so is little tugs. washington is losing his spark, eddie is losing weight, sanjaya is sick with a cold yet again and rusty is still hanging in.
cole is acting weird tonight, i took him out to put the barn guys to bed to help him settle. i THINK his ears are sore, he has only been off of the surolan for about a week but i think he might need to stay on it forever. and spot's left hind leg is more sore since i took her off the NSAIDS because of her nose bleed.
i think that is everyone on the watch list right now.



this is for deb can you send me an email at i need your email address as i have some pics to blog and carol said you were good at it. i also have some videos but do not know what to do with them. thanks lynne


Hang in there Nola. I am so sorry you are not well and did not enjoy your day here with us. You get better, we are waiting for you to come home.

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