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Raw Feeding

Chris  ·  Aug. 19, 2008

I have a new post up at my blog on raw feeding in case anyone is interested. There is also a picture of our SAINT Molly chowing down on a bone with no teeth.


Chris T

All true Lynne. I just decided to post about it because I get asked all the time now I have one place I can send people!!!


as i have said before, my dogs like nothing better than a chicken leg with back attached. i usually give this to them frozen they love chewing on them, or a big meaty bone. They love riblets pork steaks sometimes a whole chicken anything raw and chewey. i add raw hamburger to their meals sometimes with minced veggies in it. it sure beats the dry food. and their poops are much better they love this can always go on google and search for raw food diet for dogs. it is very informative.