Rescue Journal

i am awake at a crappy time for no particular reason

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2008

except the phone rang after i had been asleep for a couple of hours and apparently i feel recharged? not likely. it was an important call which i will talk about later once it becomes a reality and not a midnight maybe.

anyway, i went back to bed but hook had one pillow and eddie the other and i decided i was hungry anyway. so i shared cookies and milk with iky and then noticed something interesting. like the nice thick quilted bed i had given her earlier was no longer on the floor.

it was up on the couch with phoebe, who was invisible underneath it, but i knew she was there cuz she is a cover up comfort freak.
i think it is pretty bad when one dog literally steals the bed out from under another dog and then carries it up on the couch which already is much more comfortable than the floor.

i gave iky her bed back. (and then wrapped phoebe up in a fleece.)

maybe i will go back to bed soon and see if one of my pillows is free.

saints animals are midnight thieves.



That's how she rolls, and not even at midnight!
Though I think she had Iky's help for this one, I left a box of Timbits on the counter ( well done Zoe), went to the bathroom for all of a minute.
Upon my return, the box is on the ground, empty, and the dogs are staring up at me, saying " See? You naive soul!"


Phoebe just took the initiative to make herself truly comfortable. She saw something she wanted and went for it.