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Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2008

nola is ok'd for surgery, she is booked in for sept 8th cuz i will then have a full week of vacation to manage her post op pain, her incisional care and her multiple dripping drains. sounds like a very fun filled vacation.

squeakers (our new diabetic cat who hasn't actually made it up the hill to saints yet) is not doing great. the vets are having trouble getting his blood sugars controlled, his insulin dose was upped again today.

the midnight maybe became a reality...saints welcomes "the great big c" (hey! it is a cool name, open to all kinds of nifty mutations,) she is quite ill and also at the vet. since deb and chris have the only american brown dog in existence...we now have our own slightly smaller version... the sainted canadian brown dog. we will post pictures when she is feeling better.

chyna's arrival has been changed to sunday so i moved her vet appointment to monday.

and there is one more new incoming...nina, a 16 yr old, partially blind and leaky cocker. her elderly owner has gone into facility care and nina needed a care home to go to too.

so much for downsizing...five dogs and one cat went out, five dogs and one cat coming in...that's it we are full again. i will have to wait to shoot myself til they all get somewhat better and are nicely settled in.



Thanks everyone for your kind words. I will Deb! They aren't happy with me or perhaps living in a townhouse. My neighbour who is on council has had nothing but phone calls from them (not about me they go right to the management company about me) and is not happy with them. She supports Trev and I even though she is not an animal person.


Trevor isn't the problem here, it's the neighbors. I know you'll stand by your boy through thick and thin, and I also know he's a great dog, but when a neighbor decides to turn on you, for whatever reason, it can get nasty, quickly. It's unfortunate, but very often the onus is on the person (and dog) being harassed to prove that she (and he) are innocent of any negative behaviour.

Remember what I do for a living. I'm giving advice based on what I would (and have) done for people in situations very similar to yours. Make sure Trev is on his best behaviour in common areas, try to avoid being alone with the complainants, especially if Trevor is with you. Make detailed notes, including the 5 Ws, should an incident happen. If an incident does happen, and there are witnesses, get statements from them if you can. Get references for Trev from people who know and like him. Ask your Vet for a letter of reference as well.

Go into any meeting armed to the teeth with facts, photos, positive information and, if you can, a friend who will support you if things get nasty. S(he) doesn't have to say anything, but moral support is a great booster.

If you wanr to e-mail or call me, Heidi, you can get my contact information from Carol. I'll happily try to answer any questions you might have, and offer advice if you wish.

Eva Stock

How cool that you are sticking up for your great dog. You and dTrev belong together. I am sorry you are going thru this as you are as nice as Trev. Good luck Heidi. Eva


Thanks for the info! Getting references is a good idea. I also thought I'd take Trev to Laps as they do a personality test on all the dogs that end up there. Trev might have a problem with holding a pen with only one front paw ha ha. Carol, I think the food bit is too late. These people were friendly to Trev in the begining and Trev liked them. They just want to make trouble for me. They have the tolerance level of a spoiled two year old. If I sell I hope a young family with lots of young active kids buys my place.!! Guess I'll be writing every thing down and I will take some pics! Thanks!!!!


i am not the least bit worried...trev does not have a mean bone in his body and i know you would die before giving him up.

re the neighbors...ask them to help you. ask them if they are willing to meet you in the hallway a few times with trev and have him sit and have them give him a peice of pepperoni (or whatever is his very favorite solid gold food...suppied by you) he will stop thinking whatever he is thinking (which is probably that you do not like these folks very much) and he will begin to think he likes to see them cuz they have good food.

and then, when you are ready and not under pressure, think about finding a house.


Heidi, my advice is to document every single issue and incident in as much detail as possible. Try to remain unemotional ("Just the facts, Ma'am") and calm, take photographs of areas in which incidents allegedly took place (for perspective), ask for statements from any witnesses, and try to get a few "letters of reference" from Trevor's human friends. This will allow members of the committee to hear positive things about Trev instead of all negatives from you malicious neighbor.

Good luck!


I am wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I have recieved yet another letter from the management company about Trev. This time he is supposed to have lunged at my neighbours and growled at them. They were at least 22ft away and he did not lunge. He growled at them but not very long as I put a stop to that PDQ. These people are just malicious. Trev nevier growls at anyone, I think he is just picking up the vibes from them. I'm willing to move. I'd like to get back into a house (so I can adopt Copper) but I don't think I can afford one down here. No worries Carol. Trev is never comming back to Saints, except to visit once and awile. I have a hearing on the 10th of Sept. If anyone knows of a cheap place to get a house, let me know. Thanks!!