Rescue Journal

not a great day

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2008

nola is flat out.... she has just nose dived in the past 72 hours (one of tammy's photos is of nola in the memorial garden on sunday afternoon, she looks freaking fine and happy then, tonight she won't even lift her head)...agonizing pain? i just did a web search and learned a few things, like lypoma is spelled lipoma. there can be simple non painful ones (like all the other freaking dogs in my life have ever had) there can be infiltrative painful ones which going by nola's current condition, i think she has. and there can be malignant liposarcomas which are very rare but is probably what sadie had. i phoned the vet as soon as i got home and we switched around her meds a bit and added a big dose of elavil to her tramadol/melixacam mix...5 hours later, she looks no more comfortable to me. i have another call into the vet, we are not going to make it thru the night like this....she needs a fentanyl patch and her surgery pushed up to asap.
the dogs all know i am stressed which means they are reacting to me. they should all just go to sleep and wake up when i have nola's pain under better control.

the hoof trimmer came after work today and spot got her feet done, she had an abcess that he had to cut away and drain. she is now wearing a wooden block glued to half of her foot to keep the abcessed area up and away from the ground while it continues to drain.

i have just turned away the 4th dog today, and the 19th in the past couple of weeks...this is really sucking badly.."we know you are full...but...." there is always a really and truly sad "but" is killing me....lucky are the ones who got in here, god please help the rest.
jewel either has a bacterial or a fungal skin infection on her belly from being continually wet and in the mud around the pond...she is too low to the ground. anyway, since i don't know which it is and i can't ask a vet tonight...i cleaned it with antifungal soap, double dosed her on program and started her on antibiotics....i will try to get it looked at on saturday which is my first day off.

saints very sadly marks the passing of honey, nicole's most beloved ex-saint. i am so sorry for your loss of her nicole and so happy that she spent the last of her life safe and greatly loved by you. rest in peace honey, and nicole, you rest in peace tonight gave her a whole lifetime of happiness, it was a wonderful gift.



Sorry for your your loss Nicole, if it wasn't for you I don't think Honey would have ever known true love.


Nicole I am so sorry for your loss. Honey was a truly amazing dog and you were able to provide her with the love and security she so richly deserved. Rest in Peace Honey you will be missed.


Ahhhh Nicole, I am so sorry that you have lost your dear friend. Honey was so lucky to have been chosen by you, almost as lucky as you were to be chosen by her.

Honey left you knowing nothing but your absolute love and kindness.

Rest well, Honey, you were a very good dog. Nicole, be gentle with your broken heart.


Thinking of you Nicole!! Sorry for your loss of Honey. Nola get well, you have lots of people pulling for you and possibly a home. Carol it must be so hard to turn them away, it probably breaks your heart. Remember though you have made promises to the ones you have and cannot look after or take in every animal out there. Plus, you didn't make them homeless. Somebody else did.


hang in there Nola. I know Carol will do all she can for you. Carol, please let me know if there is anything I can do for her (or you).



i also am very sorry nicole. she was one lucky dog to have found you. my sympathies. lynne

Chris T

I am so sorry to hear about Honey, Nicole. She grabbed my heart too. Take care of yourself.


I am so very sad to hear of Honey's passing. Nicole, you gave her a wonderful home and she was so very fortunate to have been loved by you. You are in my thoughts as you once again grieve the loss of one so very special to you.