Rescue Journal

monday at saints

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2008

chyna did great at the vets..she has a medical plan now...abx's for the skin infection, steroids for the allergens and spaying/skin scrapings as soon as her skin settles down a bit.

i have rearranged my work day tomorrow so i will just stay in the office and see health unit clients and not drive around. then i can take the benadry as soon as i get to work and it should wear off before i start back home. bee stings SUCK!

new incoming...a senior dog with a fractured pelvis, his name is milowsky and he is a very nice dog. we are awaiting recommendations from our vet on if he needs surgery or just cage rest.

rusty the rooster doesn't look so great today and coco and squeakers are about the same and the real BIG trauma for today was.....

that bloody 14 yr old lab/pittx alastair CLEARED the freaking fence! he just was in too much of a hurry to wait for me to open the gate separating him from his beloved gwen. but it brings to mind they can't be out without us watching since he is a high flying fiend.

editted to add

i think sanjaya might be getting ready to pass tonight...he was quite comfortably gearing down out in the sun this afternoon. we put a blanket out for him to lay on and he curled right in. i passed him back thru the window to tammy just now and she settled him comfortably on the couch. i will check on him and close the windows tonight cuz it is supposed to rain and i don't want him to end his journey wet or cold. he has had a drink, but he is tired, his life has been a very long road. i fell in love the second i met him, he is a truly wonderful little cat.

i think it is ok to let him pass from home, he seems ok with it and so unless something changes it will be as sanjaya wants it to be.....gentle journey little friend.



Go easy little guy. It never fails to amaze me how animals just know and give comfort so freely. Umm, just asking but did you get the stinger out, any chance?


he is so peaceful...merlin and sunrise are surrounding him, it won't be long, he is almost free.


i just checked him, he is peaceful and sleeping. merlin is wrapped around him keeping him safe.


Oh my, Sanjaya. Such sad news. Pass quietly my friend and give everyone on the other side of the bridge head butts. This is the year of the Americats. I am so glad that you enjoyed the outdoors rather than trying to survive it. God Bless and God Speed.