Rescue Journal

still mad at the dead bee here.

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2008

my hand is painfully swollen again...that means another stoner day. ratz, how long is this going to go on for cuz i really don't want to call in sick for work tomorrow because i am impaired!

i have got to do the paperwork on maudie today...i just caught her staring at the wall, i want her to know that she is now my dog not wait til she doesn't even recognise me anymore.

copper finally consented to go back into the dog rooms late last night...he had been into the garbage and cupboards a few times but seems to have forgotten he knows how to open the fridge.

chyna may well end up back in that cone til i can order a restrictive collar for her on line instead. and she is a pain to give meds to cuz she is picky about what she wants to eat....she really likes ritz cheese crisps but pills don't wrap up too well in those. she really does NOT like me spraying her with the topical anti-itch stuff...but it works well so i have to spray her quick before she can scoot out of my range. she continues to be a nice and good dog..crossing my swollen fingers she stays this way.

today i have to get more barn feed, i have to make a bank deposit, i have to get chyna into the vet and i have to plan this in between the benadryl doses so i can safely drive.

that bee might be dead but he sure screwed up a few of my days.


Eva Stock

Actually if you put vineger on the area it will sometimes make the stinger pop out. You should try it just in case it will work for you. It did for Leah and I. An Asian physian told us to do that and I forgot all about it, sorry Carol. Just pour it on where the wound is or cover your whole hand and it does not hurt either. Eva

Barbara DeMott

Try deodorant. When my daughter was stung multiple times as a baby poison control suggested deodorant with aluminum in it as an antidote

Chris T

that really sucks Carol. I have never been stung by a bee or a wasp. I have a phobia. I think it is my body's way of telling me I am allergic and therefore need to be hypervigilant!


Gosh , all this because I asked you to feed the barn guys Sunday Morning ... My bad.

Hope it gets better


Hey stoner!! From the stories I hear your driving is questionable on a good Just remember I'm off this week and if you need a chauffer or someone to do some errands just shout.


I don't know if they're the same in Canada, but here in the U.S. with Benadryl (and generics), the green package is considered 'daytime' and the pink package is considered a sleeping pill. If you've been taking the 'pink' ones, you might ask a pharmacist if the green ones will work as well for bee stings, since they do only contain half as much antihistamine.