Rescue Journal

sanjaya passed just before 3 pm

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2008

i was at work. renee called me and i told her how to wrap him and place his body in the freezer. she is very young and she left me a note, it said " that was really hard with sanjaya but i am glad i spent his last day with him. i visited him alot today. he went peacefully." thank you renee, you did right by him.

sunrise stayed with him til the very end, he is still laying on the very same couch. thank you sunrise for being such a good friend to sanjaya, and thank you sanjaya for being such a very great cat. rest in peace little man.

i talked to the vet about sunrise today and we are going to try a couple of med combo's to see if we can bump him back up. i don't want him to be the next to go, shit i don't want any of them to is such a crappy, crappy disease.

renee left about 4pm...i got home at about 4:30...that idiot milowsky with his broken pelvis climbed over the 4 foot xpen and was loose in the house with all of the others. including chyna who is NOT spayed and milowsky is NOT neutered and it is a good gawd darn thing she is not in heat and he is a virtual uncoordinated cripple.

WHY DO PEOPLE NOT STERILIZE THEIR FREAKING DOGS!!!????? by the time i get them, they are so messed up we sometimes can't fix them right is a pain in the neck trying to keep everyone separate until they are well enough to neuter or spay.

both squeakers and coco are doing quite well. squeakers needs some more fine tuning on his insulin dose and coco can come home on cage rest for a few weeks until she is well enough for her spay and dental surgeries. then i will have to decide about her future, but i don't have to decide that right now.

the tenant is gone, the building is open so now i can at least get in there and start planning what is staying, what is going and where it is going and how stuff is going to be stored. that is a huge job in itself...i will have to figure out when i will have the time to figure it all out.

i just want to say something to the americans out there who have invested so much in the survivors of Pahrump...the americats gave me a very small glimpse into what they had lived thru and we at saints can never thank you, their rescuers, advocates and dream sharers enough for helping them make their final journey to saints. i saw on the BF website that "cover girl" has also recently passed many losses, so much pain and sorrow...such wonderful, wonderful cats.

thank you.



It hurts to be in rescue sometimes. Luckily the good days (mostly) outweigh the bad. Rest in peace, little Sanjaya.
~ Audrey ~


I am so sorry to hear about Sanjaya passing today. It sounds like the circle of friends she had in her final moments was breathtaking! It is always so neat to hear of animals' love for each other. May you see all of the Americats when you go over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Sanjaja ~ Diane

Chris T

I am so sad to hear about Sanjaya. The relationship the Americats seem to share sounds marvelous and unique. Take care Carol.


Please tell Renee that she is quite wonderful and that Sanjaya was blessed to have her watching over him.


God Bless You, Sanjaya. Say Hello to your friend, CG, Aladdin, and all of the other kitties from the GKR. You will be missed.


Be at peace little Sanjaya. You touched many lives and taught many lessons during your time here. Your life was short and much too hard, but you lived each moment of it on your own terms.
Watch over the other Americats, Sanjaya. Godspeed.


To All who Cared for Sanjaya,
Thank you for all you have done for these special little souls. Pahrump was a hell hole and it still makes me amazed that any of the kitties survived. How in the world anyone could think a fenced in lot would suffice as a home for a living creature is beyond me. The Americats got a chance at a good life because of you....I only wish it could have been longer. Rest in piece little guy, you were so loved by many and we will see you again later. Thank you for loving him and especially for all your efforts on behalf of all the animals in your care.