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Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2008

coco-puff was released from the clinic today, she has a brand new very softie tube bed and a much bigger cage. she will stay on cage rest for the next 3-4 weeks and then we will re-xray and see how much she has healed. she is a very lovely little girl, lots of tail wagging and is a cuddle muffin as long as she believes you are not going to try to pick her up. if she thinks you might be thinking that, she starts to anticipatory scream...funny little thing...i ain't picking her up til i know her ribs are fully healed!

i moved dorky milowsky's xpen into the cat room..last night he pushed the front of it with his nose right out the door and got the bloody cage stuck in the hallway! now he can push it around all he wants but he is staying inside it wherever he pushes it too. i bought him 14 big bully sticks to chew on... one for each day for the next two weeks that he is fully confined...that not only cost more than one hundred dollars(sheesh!) but it is also driving iky nutz cuz she wants to have one every day iky, you are not a goofy, playful, moronic dog stuck in a cage with nothing to do!

molly has another hotspot on her ear. jed has one on his flank...and now my fingers are purple from spraying the hotspot stuff on them both.

chyna is doing well, she really is a very nice dog!

hook is on my watch list...he is starting to finally spiral down...when was he diagnosed with his cancer? it must be several months ago now. i didn't think he would do as well as he has and i don't want him to suddenly stop doing well now...i love that skinny little one round eyed bandit...hook hooked himself deep inside of me.

raymond is still hanging in there, he is doing not to badly at all.

carly is moving to nicoles house tomorrow, yay carly, yay nicole! (sorry wesley!)
and my bee sting swelling is finally starting to fade but holy smoke is the freaking thing itchy as all get out!



Tell Carly she only has a month before I move in and start dressing her up in the most ridiculous outfits I can find.
Can we say tutu?


i too am so glad for carly. and yes nicole you really do take on the ones who are a bit of a challenge. i am going to miss her in the doorway but we will probably have someone else in there again in no time at all. lol you really do have a big heart..i am sure carly is going to love it there i know she adores you.

Chris T

I love Carly!!! I am sure she will do very well with you. You really take the challenges!


Yeah Nicole, Yeah Carly. Hope all goes well with Carly and Wes. How is Wes doing?


Carly, tomorrow is your second very lucky day! Remember that you are a very good dog, and try not to drive Wes crazy.
Nicole, I think you might be my new hero. Thank you for taking sweet Carly home with you....she's such a deserving, special girl.