Rescue Journal

charlie died late last night

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2008

god, these americats are killing me, i hate their freaking disease. until 2 days ago, charlie was one of the healthier, always first to greet you and help you with whatever you were doing. he was like our public relations, social secretary, right on top of everything and everyone.

i don't even know what happened here, the eye injury sucked and i am sure it hurt, but he saw the vet, he got long acting injectible antibiotics and a couple of good loads of sc fluids, eye meds and pain meds and it just was not a life threatening injury. what was going on inside him that i missed?

i am tired today. we got alot done in the store room, laura and cathy and vern took care of the heavy and critical stuff. i just fiddled around putting things here and there and where i could ultimately find them again. still it was a long day and i am beat.

rest in peace little prince charles, and i am so sorry if i missed something. you were a great cat and alot of fun, we are all going to miss you alot.



Oh Charlie, you social butterfly, you. May you watch over Carol who gave you such a wonderful, happy life after such a desolate, hopeless period. Give all of the other kitties our love. Carol, it is hard for me to see them go from afar - I can only imagine what it must be like for you. They looked truly happy in the outside area on the shelves and in the grass. You have given them heaven on earth. May God and everyone around you help you through these tough times.


Goodbye Charlie. Wherever you are now, there is no pain. Look out for you friend Carol, she's hurting.