Rescue Journal

Dear Spunk's Owner

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2008

thank god laura found him at 8:15 tonight cuz i wouldn't have noticed him until tomorrow morning...what time did you leave him and his stuff piled next to our junk so he blended in so well? i hope it wasn't too many hours ago but i think maybe it was.

i am sorry he gets urinary crystals and he pees on your carpet sometimes. i am sorry it is hard for your dog to have to eat his food away from where ever spunk happens to be. i am sorry you work full time and don;t have time or energy to deal with him. i am sorry he is de-clawed and not always very nice and i am sorry your daughter dumped him on you but two wrongs don;t make a right.

i have almost 90 animals at saints, and i work a full time job away from here so i can afford to pay for the huge mortgage, and hydro and heating so they have a decent place to live. i too have a family except i am so busy looking after everyone else's failed responsibilities, i rarely get to see mine and i miss them....i get tired of cleaning up pee and poop sometimes too and don't have alot of time or energy either. i am not overly fond of getting bit by unhappy cats and dogs trying to make the adjustment here. i currently have poop on my leg cuz spunk couldn't hold it anymore and pooped as soon as i took him out of the cage. i can't go and have a hot bath cuz spunk is currently frightened and inside my 4 foot bathroom with his bed inside my now unusable bathtub because that was the only private and quiet space i had left to offer to him.

i would like the common courtesy of being able to make a choice say: i am sorry but we are full. i am tired and i am broke, i have too many animals and not enough time and not enough space to squeeze in one more unhappy six year old cat with a bunch of issues who actually had a home of his own.

yes i will look after your cat. yes i will treat him with the utmost respect. yes i will actually fall in love with him too.

but i am doing it because i wasn't given a choice.


carol at saints

ps to everyone else...darla is crashing. she started with a nasal discharge yesterday and we put her on baytril right away. but darla is ancient and darla has a very bad heart and i think she is starting congestive heart failure with a secondary pneumonia brewing away. i gave her the abx, lasix, and pain meds tonight and hope we are ok until the morning. and then i will call and beg a vet appointment and see what options they can offer for her.

sorry spunk, you came at a bad time, i don;t have alot of time to make you feel safe right now.


deb sutherland

Thank you to Carol and everyone who gave Darla so much love and appreciated her sweetness and grace.I met her on a few occasions and she was a beautiful soul,may she run free and she will not be forgotten.Deb


Thank you so much all you kind and wonderful people who loved Darla girl and helped her go to heaven surrounded by animals and people.


Oh Darla! You kept popping into my head in the last week and I was wondering how you where doing. A big hug to you with your lovely grey face.


My prayers go out to Darla and hope that it is not part of His plan to take her now.

Welcome, Spunk. I know that your world has been turned completely upside down and doesn't make much sense right now, but you are in the best place on earth. Carol will take care of you, comfort you, love you and share you with the rest of us. Just give her time when she needs it and she will give you time when you need it. Carol will not give up on you. You are safe now and you are loved.


What a dump job!! I am so sorry sometimes this world is so cruel to you Carol. These people should be charged with abandonment as if it was a child. Some people just don't care about anything but themselves and this is a GOOD example!


Spunk! Many before you have spent time in and enjoyed Carols bathroom (Miss Bernie especially). Welcome but what a way to arrive!