Rescue Journal

i am bagged

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2008

my eyeballs feel like they are ping pong balls stuck in my head.

milowsky managed his surgery well...he is neutered and wearing a head wrap for his ear. the vets said the original surgery was poorly done and he had hair growing into the sutured area. they shaved him down and cleaned it up and removed all the dead tissue. they sewed him back up and started him on baytril and now it should finally heal. he feels pretty sorry for himself tonight....he is such a very sweet, sweet dog. two more weeks of rest brown buddy and then you can take over the fields.
beau is also home from his neuter today...he has bounced back a bit better than milowsky. he is a bit quieter than usual for him but i bet in a day or two he will once again be a happy, holy terror.

the vet thinks that sparky might be seizuring and not stroking like i thought...since i am not seeing the actual episode and only the recovery, i am willing to agree that she might be right. she is to start on a low dose of phenobarb and see how she does with that.

gwen has a sore front foot today...i can't see anything stuck in there to be causing her discomfort...she might have twisted her ankle or bruised her foot so i am starting her on anti-inflammatories just in case.

spunk was thinking of attacking me in the bathroom this morning...he was out of the tub and i really had to pee so i opened the under the sink cupboard and he decided that looked better than me.

i have let little miss noisy coco-chi loose in the back area today...she is happier, it is quieter...but she is going to sleep in her cage the peace and quiet we have achieved is subject to change rather quickly.

we had some great visitors come out from tsawassen and spend a few hours helping me around here today. i thoroughly enjoyed their visit and hope to see them sometime soon again!

i filled all the barn feed containers today..i went to the fruit stand to buy them their apples and bananas. i was still mad at the sneaking around and using tunie's picture and the pumping of info from my house guest...honestly how low down spy-slimey can people actually get? so...screw it... i bought her some strawberries too. she had 3 LARGE ones with her dinner tonight and enjoyed every freaking one. i am telling this honestly so no one has to make up her menu tonight, i am more than willing to tell you what i fed her. i think she was a happy camper that i was pissed... i think she thinks strawberries with dinner are worth my unhappy mood.

but i am really tired of feeling raped with the animals as the almighty excuse. the shop, the money, the egos, the busy there no line that just can't be crossed? where does it ever end? and how do i make it end?...i need a freaking human spray bottle..."back off, behave yourself and get off me or i will be forced to shoot you with my spray gun."
ahh, the life of a normal person outside of rescue is looking so much more appealing each and every day. i swear to god i am going insane, my new happy fantasy is of a fully loaded unlimited water canon...most folks just want a big screen tv.



Hi Carol! It was great meeting you and all the animals today.

My sister Lisa and I were so impressed with your facility and we will do all we can to get donations for you in the coming months.

Thanks for all you do. It really is amazing.



he is a very good dog he really wants just to be loved. he is another one who did not get what he deserved. hopefully we can find him his forever home i love brown labs, he reminds me of a young dexter and that is a good thing. dexter loved life till the end i hope milo gets the same chance