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i am now starting my one week of holidays

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2008

i have to finish up the shop organizing, set up the linen and cleaning supply storage area. get all of the unneeded and extra crap out of the main house, get the yards tidy and clean and finish the painting of the new guest/hide away suite. yes i will finally have a place here that i can go and hide away people, no phones, no animals just a room with a comfy bed and a chair so i can try to find the occasional peace. and it will also be a place for overnight visitors to stay with their own pets if they want without the chaos of the sanctuary itself.
the to-do list is not all that overwhelming cuz there are lot's of people coming to help...but OMG, when it is all said and is going to be WONDERFUL.

i need to get cody and gwen into the vet tomorrow if i can...gwen needs her foot checked out and cody needs a look at her new lump. jed goes in on tuesday and chyna follows on thursday. and that just leaves a tiny, noisy chi and she will be a few weeks yet before she is ready. it will feel so good to get them all done...i hate having unaltered animals just is not a good thing.

so tonight i am thinking of all the recent lost ones..hook, charlie, sanjaya, washington, nola and darla...and i am wondering who is next...toby maybe? he is certainly starting to look 20 finally...raymond?...god knows he is hanging in pretty well...or will it come out of left field again? i am still missing that crystal ball that i want so much.

i am putting a cap on spunky's visitors for a bit...he is too stressed right now to entertain. he needs alot of space to untwist his brain and come to terms with how his life changed. we all want to comfort him and make him feel better and safe. and the best way to do that is not to intrude unnecessarily into his is his right now until he decides he wants to share and he is not near to ready for that yet. so until i think he is wanting to socialize, i would like him to have the quiet time that he needs.

to all the staff and volunteers...i will take care of cleaning his room for now. i don't want to inadvertently put him in a position where he feels the need to lash out...once they start with that stuff, their inhibition level drops. he needs to be able to safely join the rest of us whenever he feels ready without a tendency to pop his cork if he gets stressed because it worked for him before.



I'll believe the new guest/"hide away suite" will remain S.A.I.N.T.S. free when I see it. I believe you are incapable of sitting still without an animal of some sort touching your person. I'm not even that sure you can sit still, period.

It's a nice thought, though. Kind of airy-fairy for S.A.I.N.T.S., being sort of romanticized fiction and all. :)

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole

Marie and I will there on Wednesday, around 10:30am. We are happy to the cat and rabbit room and if you need help with moving things etc. we can assist with that. francesca

Eva Stock

Will be there later Carol. I want to finish the mp room and maybe you will want to move the linen today. Tough for sqeakers and the vet bill. Hope he settles down with his troublesome diebetis. Godd idea with Spunky as we had that problem in the past and he came around to you in the bathroom then to us. Eva


is spunkys room still the bathroom? good idea to keep him quiet . maybe he will settle down. see you this week


yep...having trouble getting his blood sugars down under 28....untreated long termers are an initial nightmare to control.