Rescue Journal

and the bad stuff

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2008

the bunny home is on hold....once we talked about the rabbits needs. the family decided it was best to talk further and make sure a full life long happiness committment was there for thumper and muffin.

oka's adoptive family was a great match. the papers were signed and his new leash and collar were in my hands when oka started a grand mal seizure. i had to say, sorry....he can't go anywhere right now. i don't know where that seizure came from and i don't know what it means. until i have some idea, oka's has to stay here with me.

jed did remarkably well with his surgery and his recovery went really well too. he was up on his feet within a couple of hours and ready to come home. we were all so very excited. the plan was for me to pick him up between 4:30 and 5:00 and jed laid down at 4:00 instead, fell asleep and died.

oh jed i really fucked it all up for you. i am so very, very sorry. rest in peace giant friend.



renee...lynn has jed doing his tricks for you on video...i want to see it.


Im going to miss my secrect favourite. Carol you did what you had to do, it wasnt your fault this happened it was the people who had him before. Jed knew we loved him.
Rest in peace big guy

Eva Stock

My God it is hard to be rescue and your decisions are always going to make you wonder as that is the nature of the beast. Jed was happy and loved all and was loved by all. He was proud of his ability to do Renee was very proud of him too. Bless you you big gorgeous fur ball. Rest in peace. Love goes with you. I hate the people that messed him up!!Brandon and Colton were sad to hear about him and said they hope Oka gets better. You are a great friend to all Humans and animals as you are not judgemental. So be cool dear friend, I will be there in a bit. Eva

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I had the exact same thing happen to us today. He was a 3 year old or so pittie/rottie mix. He was a pound pup, no name, and he died on the table during his neuter. I will remember Jed's welcome and his good natured expression. What a lucky guy to land at SAINTS to receive lots of love, his name and fond memories in so many hearts. Take care


i am so sorry carol about jed. this is a really tough one, he was such a sweet boy , it was like i said before, he was like a big bear rug when he laid down, I am really going to miss him. it sure does not get any easier. i hope oka is going to be okay and will get his forever home. shit what crappy news. you did good by jed, he never would have been around this long if not for you. see you tomorrow.


Carol, there was no other option available for Jed. He needed the surgery. You loved him and made the right decision for him. It sounds like he wanted to come home but his body was done. That is not something that you did - that is something his life before SAINTS did. God Bless You.


No, Carol, you did not let Jed down. In fact, you raised him up and gave him a lovely taste of belonging and love and fun. He's taken that with him forever, and if he could, I'm sure he would thank you a million times over. So many of your decisions are close to impossible to call, so always know that you made the right decision because you made it with all the SAINTS at heart.

I'm really sorry about Jed.


We're all in shock here, Carol. Poor old neglected, unwanted Jed, who finally found love and a group of people who were pulling for him 100% of the time.

Jed needed the surgery he had today, for safety and for quality of life. You did, as you always have done, what you believed to be right for a S.A.I.N.T. Had he not undergone the procedures today, it would have been another day. It was necessary and risky, a bitch of a situation.

You didn't fuck up, Carol. You did the best you could with the options Jed had. The fault for the gentle giant's death rests firmly on the shoulders of the person(s)responsible for allowing Jed to fall into such appalling shape. The level of neglect he suffered prior to becoming a S.A.I.N.T. is inexcusable.

Jed was lucky to have found a soft place to land, and live out his final days. Jed died knowing he was loved.

Please, Carol, don't beat yourself up over this tragedy. The blame is not yours to own.

I'm going to hug my Kiefer. He sends his love to you.