Rescue Journal

and today

Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2008

first of all, chyna did well with her surgery AND this set of skin scrapings came back positive for a full load of demodex..yay chyna, a treatable condition, can't ask for better than that.

milo got outside way too much today...his back end balance is sloppy again so everyone watch him, he has got to rest way more.

oka had his blood work, we have to wait and see. cody's mass is full of fat so that is a very good thing. her back end is toast from her wrists and her spine which is why walking is so hard for her now that she would rather just lay around. oh...AND... she has lost one whole pound!

coco's family love her...they were quoted $7-$12 thousand for surgical repair...they panicked and opted for euth and then signed her over so she could get medical care. her total vet bill from start to finish with us will be a couple of grand and that includes her spay and her dental...and i am not charging them for the care we gave her here. I told them it would probably be around $4000 and they are ok with that but i just tallied up all of her bills and the spay and dental estimate and it will be significantly less, which for them is good. before i got to know them on the phone...i was pissed right off, but her mom has convinced me she really cares about coco. AND she has been very respectful about not taking up alot of my time too, which i really appreciate...most families are not like that. the reality is, now i am just worrying if i want to carry the responsibility of her anymore, esp. with her upcoming surgery. i talked to the vet today about surgical risk and she said with the pre-op xrays if she has healed well, there is no more risk than usual....but...i am freaked out over jed and that impacts me with coco....yet again this probably sucks.

the carpet got laid in the guest charge card picked up the bill. it is not the prettiest carpet, but it is sturdy and good quality and since i was paying, i picked the best of the roll ends that i could. the room may be a bit odd to some..but i like the eclectic look and my freaking comfy but maybe ugly chair arrived, picked up by my daughter and her boyfriend for me from the consignment store. jenn was making comments about it's looks til i made her go and sit in it...then she smiled and end of discussion cuz her mom just bought the world's comfiest chair!

steve did a ton of massive dump runs, the gardening fairy is really hard at work. kathy and eva spent the day helping me organize, lynn made the windows shine and cathy and laura took care of a bunch more stuff (thx for the other dump run, more gardening and putting the barn guys to bed.)

and i took jenn and jiv out for dinner to thank them for going and getting my chair.

AND last but certainly not least....

saints welcome elizabeth, a very sweet senior sheep. her mom is sick and had to re-home the one wanted elizabeth cuz she is old, but we did cuz we don't care. grammy is very drawn to her and grammy is a very sweet and gentle friend. she is making sure that elizabeth feels wanted and doing areally good job of it.

carl however, is not all that happy that a new sheep suddenly appeared in his barn...i was going to make him sleep with the cows and goats but he was upset so i let him in but he thinks the new sheep is a worry. so i left the center gate open so they have lots of room and now i need to buy a couple of more stall mats....and those things are freaking heavy to bring home too!

anyway, welcome are very beautiful.

ooops, i forgot 4 things...

squeakers blood sugars are down to 16 today....yay.

roxie is eating again, her foster mom brought her in some luncheon meat to the vets..yay.

pugsy (bella) had her states side specialist appointment and is a little better today, this might be treatable...yay.

and spunk is pretty freaking funny in a prickly sort of way....maybe yay.



I love FVI. I love LAPS. They're always combing the shelters looking for great dogs with train-able vices. They put them in the program and rehome them. Everybody wins: the dogs, the shelters, the prison, the offenders, the new homes.

Love it.


No worries Carol. I finally found someone who I think gets Trev and will help. I will be taking him to FVI (fraser valley institute) for training. All of Laps dogs go there for training and they understand shelter dogs. The behaviorist I saw (without Trev) did not help at all and cost me $300. Then when Trev was able to (after he had his shots) I took him to pet smart. This helped a bit but I think FVI will be a better choice for us. If anyone is interested in FVI, just go to the links page from Saints main page and click on Laps. The info for FVI is on the Laps site. And I found out for $35 you can find out your dogs heritage. Trevor, who's your Daddy? Their site is


well i needed enough reminders...time does fly. i am glad it all went well and hope it all settles down for you both now. let me know how things go with the trainer...trev is a great dog but he needs reminders to remember this or else he'll get lazy and become a bothersome goof.


Yeah, I'm glad for chyna,elizabeth,roxie,bella, and coco. Fingers crossed for Oka. I'm so sorry about Jed. I only met him once but fell in love with him from day 1. Thank you for your well written and honest letter about Trev. You accurately described him and the situation. You do amazing things with no time!! Thanks to Deb too for all your suggestions. The signed letters from my neighbours went over very well as did the reference letters for Trev and me. I don't have to move!!! The neighbour is putting up a shrub barricade so that the grass by their patio doesn't become contaminated with urine or poo residue. (they were concerned that even if I pick up the poo, residue would be left that their two young, occassionaly visiting gran-children could get into). Guess they never go to the park, beach or playground. I never let Trev go to the BR there anyways but if they want shrubs,that is fine with me. I'm dog sitting so I can't make it out to the open house but hope to come out soon. Thanks again, I know you're busy and its been a crappy few days for you, it really meant a lot to me.


oh yes and when are you here again by the way cuz inquiring bath unfriendly bad back certain people want to know.


Hope Chyna doesn't mind having a bath. cause i see lots of those in her future.


I am glad that Chynas spay went well and that her skin is treatable!

If you get the horse mats on a day i am there i will help you get them into the barn and in place.

Welcome Elizabeth.