Rescue Journal

i am going to puke

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2008

and not for any reason except i wolfed down 2 pudding cups and one of mandarin oranges for supper while i have a headache...big mistake. there is still way too much to do...i am starting to get discouraged...everywhere i look, i see something else that needs doing. tonight i noticed the outside of the barn is turning green and that i can't do anything about cuz we are already purchasing 2000 gallons of water a week at a cost of just under $200. can't waste water at current weekly cost to wash down the outside of the barn.

i need all day tomorrow just to get everything done that needs to be done..but i still have to do a feed run and whip jesse into the vet. plus i am starting to worry about money again cuz the vet bills are getting big. i am chanting to myself now....."deep breath, deep sigh..every day is a challenge and every day we make it thru is one more day we made it thru."

i am going to be so freaking exhausted by the time i finish my vacation and head back to work....i surprize even myself with my idiocy...why did i not book off monday as a much needed recovery day?...because i am STUPID and forget how much work can actually get packed into one week!

i will say tho, that once we get thru it all...this place is going to be so much easier to work around so that will be very good.

well, i better order the hay and water delivery or by tomorrow afternoon we will be screwed.

and mo? sorry i can't get that hay this time round cuz we have to pick up, i don't have time and and i still have a rental van which doesn't want hay hauled around in time for sure.


cheryl and stef

just let us know how much you will need and we will pick it up for you...we go every 3 weeks so can bring some your way the next time we are getting it for ourselves..


too late cheryl...i ordered it last night but we will be out again in a month if that works for you, that would be great!

cheryl and stef

Hi Carol, we can pick up hay for you from our guy but right now stef and i are on a little holiday and will not be back until the 18th...but we can pick it up and deliver for you on the 19th...if you would like just pick up what you need until next weekend and we will pick up ???? how many bales are you wanting or needing...

stef and cheryl