Rescue Journal

on a rootbeer break

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2008

beau was laying at my feet and licking my toes while i folded laundry...please talk him around, he is a small breed 5 month old puppy and wants a top of the line and solid gold home...or i am going to keep him cuz he is just too freaking cute!

chyna was just in the kitchen, chasing her tail. if i had a pointy, standy up weird looking tail, i'd try to do it in too.

phoebe can't stand it when sissy comes for her night time cuddle...she leaves her warm bed and blanket to stare intently at both of us. when sissy is done, i turn on the ceiling fan...the sudden breeze is bound to send phoebe back to her bed where she whines at me to cover her up with her blanket again...why even bother getting up in the first place?

you know...oka is an incredible dog. even while he was minorly seizuring, he was still cuddling up to me. when he was finished and feeling a little bit better, he sat up and started kissing my face. i don't think i have ever met such a truly and completely, really nice dog. room shelf is done, my computer desk is done, the entrance way shelves are done, the first big dog room shelf is done, the laundry room shelves are done....crap, can't put off the rest any longer.

who'd have thought rescuing involved so many freaking shelves?



Can't wait to meet you & the volunteers and of course the animals on Sunday! I went shopping yesterday and got some treats and a special care package for "Naked Nelly". :-D Maybe next time you have a vacation you'll actually be able to relax a bit! Thanks for all you do!


i am pooped....the kitchen is done and i am going to bed...the rest can waiting til morning.