Rescue Journal

i went to bed all warm and fuzzy.....

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2008

thinking about positive energy and happy that chyna now lets me kiss her face. she was not too keen on having her face touched...but i am addicted to animal faces and can't stop myself so eventually most of them get to like having their faces rubbed, scrubbed, smooched...whatever. any animal that enjoys having you all over their face, is a very trusting animal.

spot and carl won't let me near theirs.

anyway...there i was laying in bed, goofing with chyna's face and with her enjoying it too...counting my blessings instead of my sheep until i fell to sleep.

and then i woke up at 3 am with a migraine...still have it. not happy...hideway migraine room is not ready for me yet (no bed)...and it is that lousy double whammy peri-menopausal time of the month too which is why i have the migraine today. (as far as i know...happy thoughts do not give you headaches but aging hormones do)

james bond just threw up at my feet...oh yay, just what i wanted to see so very closely this morning....i wish norton was still here, he would have cleaned it up in a jiffy before i could even come back with the roll of paper towels.

ok, i know that was gross, but i have a headache and headaches demand the truth...pretending that i wasn't wishing norton was here to help me would have been a big fat lie.

i am going to get ready for work cuz honestly, it is too icky to stay here today when i feel like this.

i think our ley lines got twisted over night...not feeling so positive today.


Chris T

Some of ours do it too. They especially like to 'clean up' after the cat!


hey i have a dog who cleans up after the other ones. it is great i love it. if i had to clean it up i would be puking too so i just cross my fingers and leave it. it always works. i know gross but true.


ok...but remind me again when i am not ready to puke...have you ever brought back up an iron pill?...good lord that would do me in this morning.