Rescue Journal

apparently the saints world does not stop just because i want it to.

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2008

rusty the rooster took a turn for the worse this morning and quietly passed away early this afternoon. rest in peace rusty, you were a very gentle and kind and handsome rooster....i still see little naked edna on her very first day at saints, running to hide beneath your wing which you had opened and raised for her.

simon the last of the saints feral rabbits who was finally captured a few months ago, has an abcessed eye. i think he might have caught it on a loose piece of wire. we covered the loose wire corner up for now until we can fix it more properly. and simon is on oral and eye cream antibiotics which is a pain cuz he does not like to be held or confined in any way.

coco-puff will be returning to her family near the end of the month. i will miss this little tiny explosion of personality alot.

alfred princeton (broken jaw cat) moves to his new home tomorrow.

jewel saw the vet, she had bloodwork and depending how what it reveals will probably be booked in for surgery next might be an abcessed tooth, hopefully that is what that mass is anyway.

there is a 32 yr old schooling pony, booked for euth tomorrow...too old to work anymore but in reasonably good health. i made a mistake and looked at his picture...what a beautiful horse....this makes me so very sad.

yes i rested a bit, yes i did a few necessary things, yes my headache is better but i am still quite tired...too bad rest doesn't always fix that!



Oh, poor little Rusty - rest in peace littl guy! :-( Regarding the 32-year old pony, my horse from when I was young(er) lives back in Ontario with my sister. She is in her 39th year and doing great. She was born in June of 1970 and I remember being there the day she was born. That pony probably has quite a few years left. Love makes a BIG difference! Glad to hear that your headache is better, even if you're still tired. I think you'll always be tired with the amount of work and constant love that oozes from you to the animals!