Rescue Journal

i think it might be a busy weekend

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2008

there is supposed to be a new dog coming last night or today but i haven't heard any confirmation of either so maybe not.

today is widen spunks world day...this ought to be fun...not.

i need to clean out and get ready for winter, both the chicken houses today. and i need to open that area back up into one since we just have one rooster, jerome left..with rusty's passing, everyone can be together again.

i still have some work left to do in the big shop and i have a couple of curtains to sew...i am shuddering over this one cuz martha stewart i'm not.

the information session is tomorrow so i need to set up the mp room for education, oh and today we are trialling carl back with the sheep so i hope that goes really well too.

i believe this weekend turtle gardens is coming with their current adoptions to the lower mainland. they will be using the shop area as their adoption center periodically as they come down. it has enough space for the dogs while they are here, it is safely contained and accessible to adoptive families to come and pick up their newest family member. it should work out well on all counts (as long as those uninvited visiting morons, zues and wolfie don't come for a visit when TG is here!)

my stomach is telling me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!so i better listen to what it is saying and go and get something to eat before i start today.


Marie Bellemare

ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo I had to laugh though... I know I know I know... I actually took that "macdonald" decision last weekend... it was my last breakfast there... it does suck... grrrrrrrrrr but gotta stay in good shape for "those trusting eyes" counting on us...


well...wolfie and zues showed up 15 minutes after i posted so i quickly moved frodo out of the shop and the wayward dogs back in...hopefully dad will show up before TG does. as to breakfast...probably not so good for me. i breakfast at mcdonalds each am and yesterday while i was at the pharmacy and waiting for jewels med renewal...i decided to check my BP on their machine...139/96...oh, definitely not good.....i am usually 110/60.....i don't have time for heart disease or a stroke right now.
i have to make some changes and mcdonalds might have to be one..shit, nothing like messing up my favorite routine here. freaking aging makes you accountable eventually....i think that sucks.

Marie Bellemare

Sending good thoughts to all - this is now part of my daily schedule - each being at SAINTS have a special space in my heart - Carol you are so inspiring to me.. I don't really know how you do it, well I know for sure you live in the present and feel grateful for the smallest simpliest things in life... that's how you must do it... you are so "yourself" I give thanks for you on my path.. and good girl cause yes breakfast is very important !!! may Carl be cool and happy again with the sheeps and I send a special hug for Okalove.. ohhhhhhhhhh and a soft and comforting one for beautiful Raymond.