Rescue Journal

figuring things seems to be a lifelong activity

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2008

the new homeless dog never showed up this weekend....fine with me, it is actually a relief not to have to deal with any newbies. a phone call would be nice to say other arrangements were made but nice things rarely happen when you are on the receiving end of other people's problems.

i have a bunch of coughing dogs right now...not sure who brought it in, one of the new ones, one of the visitors dogs or one of our guys from the vet clinics?...i think it was coco puff cuz she was the first one coughing and she came from a very busy emergency clinic with lots of sick sucks, the virus's are everywhere..pounds, shelters, vet is just one of the realities of dogs.... just like kids in new dogs, permanent or visitors for the next while and none of our guys are to be going off site anywhere (except the vets), til we get past this.

the only one quite sick right now is sissy, poor babe and she did not get to go anywhere fun to get this, she has just been hanging around at home, minding her very own business. she is on abx and toasting in front of the fire again so we will see how well she does from here.

the last time kennel cough came in here was the fall of 2005...we took some dogs to the pet expo...and exposed them unintentionally to all kinds of things...stupid on my part, nothing like asking for trouble for a bunch of geriatric, immuno-compromised dogs....they brought home more than their treat bags to share...that was NOT a fun lesson to learn.

now i am re-thinking the wisdom of sharing the shop with TG since our dogs spend alot of time in there...the risk of cross contaminating whatever on both of our parts is a real concern now that i am actually thinking of this. i don't know why my brain is so slow to process...too many factors, too many things to consider and this brain is NOT a well oiled machine....and i said it this week, behind every single act of kindness there has to be intelligent reasoning...somehow i forgot that part....duh.
anyway...they need a place to do adoptions down here, and i would like to help them so now i have to put on my thinking cap about how to accomplish this while minimizing the health risks.



Lynne I feel the same way. That sucks for you and the dogs! Hope they all come out ok.


i meant to mention to you that when i was cleaning up the little dog room that sissy was really retching a lot andi did not see you for awhile snd so forgot. hope they are all okay. i was going to take copper for a walk later on but we will put that on hold till i get the okay. that was a very informative session yesterday and i learned a lot, hopefully it will help me more at saints and make me more aware of the goings on. like when i let milo out to see you and you had a few other dogs. that was stupid i should have realized he just was not going to come say hi to you but would want to play with the other dogs and they with him i will try and think more in the futurei i think i would feel more comfortable rather than taking dogs to the pond by myself, although i do like to go with you and mo. i would like to take them one on one to the memorial garden or for a short leash walk by myself. this way they are getting some special attention. anyways hope you have a good day.