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for jeezus freakin chrissakes!

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2008

jack the old mal cross who was supposed to arrive last weekend got dumped at the spca as a stray cuz the person who was caring for him was the one who took him in...he is NOT a stray...he is an old dog who was SUPPOSED to be here if they had followed my instructions and brought him saturday before noon like we arranged. yay for the staff who tracked down the owner, got her to reclaim him and she then signed him over to me. i will pay his impound fees when i pick him after work cuz he is now our dog sitting there racking up impound fees and i want him home where he belongs.

saints welcomes jack, already you are a pain in the butt (but you have BEAUTIFUL blue eyes) a good boy from now on jack cuz i like good dogs best. (ok maybe that's a lie but don't tell him that!)



i should clarify....jack's last owner had him since he was young..she has fallen on hard times and is now homeless and living in a shelter somewhere. she did not take him to the spca...she arranged with me for her friend who was caring for him to bring him just didn't work out that way for some reason. but jack is here now so that is good.

i don't really know what he is bev, to me he looks like a mal/collie cross (all i know for sure is i don't see any wolf in him anywhere)...he is freaking hairy and has a coho face...with beautiful blue eyes.


Cheap hair spray, Lynne. Keep a few cans around in different parts of your house. 4 or 5 cans will cost you a lot less than $270.

Welcome Jack. I'm sorry the last person you lived with was such a loser.

Beverly- Mal Rescue

LOL I just noticed the "blue eyes" Mals never have blue eyes only brown but Sibes do :) Is he a Mal-Sibe mix?

A Mal would have def eaten that puked burger up Carol.

Lynn... coming from an expert on malamute fight "extractions"...get yourself a boat air horn and a plasic bottle with a few coins in it. Beat them on the head with the plastic bottle (it's shock effect doesn't hurt them) while blowing the air horn. If that doesn't work drag whoever you can grab the back legs of to a doorway and shut the door as best you can and slam it shut when they release. I rarely have to get past the plastic bottle part :) lol


rae...yes pls and THX!!!! dog can fight with a bucket on their they look so stupid and cute, it is easier to forgive them...jazz taught me that!

bev...we never actually got nikko...we paid his vet bill and then the foster home that siberian rescue put him in decided to keep him which was absolutely fine with me.

jack is LOVELY...he is FAT and has the very BEST face and i bought him a hamburger on the way home and he puked it back up and did NOT re-eat it. i love him.

Beverly- Mal Rescue

More old Malamonsters? :) What happened with the other old boy in foster from a while back?

Oh and shame on his person!

BTW Blind old Coho from Minnies is doing EXCELLENT with our house move...better than I could have hoped!


well carol i heeded your advice. starbuck and my other dog keno got into a horrific fight this afternoon. i first of all tried the pulling the trick tail but starbuck kept on coming. next i used a pot of water but did not do the trick. finally i got a bucket rather small and shoved it over starbucks head, but not before a vet visit was needed and 270 dollars later. i almost needed medication when i got the bill starbuck just does not realize that keno being chow ikeda cross can kick his ass . he had to have 12 stitches in his ear. shit


Welcome jack. Wishing a wonderful life at Saints. Thank you Carol for opening your heart.
Carol I have 2 full packages of Advantage multi and 1 full Revolution(teal) could you use them? They were freebies from the clinic and I don't need them. If you want them I can stick them in the mail.

Chris T

The more wrecked, crippled and screwed up they are the more you love them Carol! Luckily, most dogs can meet the criteria to be 'good' just by breathing in and out...