Rescue Journal

it is really cold in the big dog room this morning

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2008

i don't know why i haven't made it a priority to get a working furnace in here or at least replace that gas fireplace. now i will be messing around with freaking heaters everywhere again for the winter....actually, i know why...we can "make do" with heaters even tho they are a pain and other stuff we just can't "make do " with so it gets my attention.

money is always a huge concern...the vet bills are thru the roof..too many sicko's around here lately and the electrician is costing more than i thought cuz he is actually installing everything to code. this is good cuz electrical stuff scares me but why does that metal stuff cost like $400 a roll? sigh...i wish we lived in a very cheap world.

i am hoping this is the last week we need to bring in water cuz that will save almost $200 a week...altho we probably won't notice the difference once we start heating all the areas again.

i should have taken those 2 overtime shifts that i was called for last weekend but i said no cuz of all of the stuff that i needed to do for the open i wished i had taken the shifts (but thats only cuz the open house is over and everything is done!)

the first biggest worry in rescue is always the animals them selves...the second is the money to pay for it all...the next big worry is keeping your sanity relatively intact and then all the other worries just start blending in..people stuff, legal stuff, nice to do stuff,,,like....

we need a volunteer to attend the kensington foundation art auction fundraiser 11 am -5 pm on oct 3rd (i think, but maybe it is the 4th) in downtown vancouver to answer any questions that folks have about saints....if anyone is available... please let me know...i am not even sure if we are one of the recipients of this particular fundraiser but we have been in the past so we should be there if we can....and i am working that day.

so...oh saints heavenly guardian angel? the accounts are low, the bills are high so if you could please get your head out of the clouds and do something big for us to last thru the lull until xmas, that would be nice.



that was a great comment marie. you have said what so many of us feel about our loved ones when they pass i often wondered when my beloved dalmation, kobes time was up how i would deal with it iwas not even sure if i could be there but he was already at the vets and very ill there was nothing anyone could do for him. i had my best friend and my daughter there, we took a blanket out into the field at the vets and i held him in my arms. i would not give that feeling up for anything. he passed knowing he was very loved, as all the animals do at saints. you just know when you have to do it. i will be thinking of carol and mo saturday morning and sending them lots of love.


I can go to the fundraiser- I booked off a few days to move, so I can dash away for a few hours to do thus.
( The SAINTS guardian angel is on the way Carol...just you wait and see what she/they have in store.)

Marie Bellemare

You got it Mo.. and it gave me a wonderful feeling to read you... let me share this... it is the last lesson I received from jahcob, a beautiful great dog who has been with me almost 11 years before passing a few years back.. people around me were worried about how I was going to react the day jahcob leaves this plane because we were so close to eachother him and I... we went through so much together... I did not have to talk - he felt me and I felt him... and he taught me life and he taught me death too... when he passed I did feel the hurt, it was a big cut, it was not the first time I had to let go of a being I loved but it was the first time I was experiencing it since I had become a "more conscious" human being... I did not know how to be actually... I felt quite devastated... and then, I heard him saying (well, I got that message in French) "why are you crying, why are you hurting so much, all you have to do is say thank you... "thank you" because it was you who had the chance to love me so much and "thank you" because you are the one I loved and trusted so much... stop crying for yourself and be grateful because you and I were so blessed..." it's never easy for a human to say good bye and to let go, as we all know, but spritely will always run like the wind within the heart of the beings who loved her... no need to say that my thoughts are with all of you... and remember... spritely IS a happy girl (o;


awhile back colleen posted a video on u-tube of the horses running up to the barn from the path...that is just so spritely...if anyone can find it, could they please post the link on the blog...THAT is how i want to think of spritely charging thru her world.


I was wandering around the site this morning ( when I should have been working ) looking for pictures of Spritely as I am trying to figure out how I am going to deal with this upcoming loss... I peeked into the barnyard guys ling & then into Ellie ..... OMG there is a picture in there of Ellie & Percy ( and me, but it's a yucky one of me )and HOLY SMOKE they were tiny little guys back then !! Go check it out, it made me smile & I felt a bit better, so I've decided that is going to be my method of dealing with Spritely's passing , I will wander through the photos & see her happy & covered in mud after a great roll in a huge mud puddle , or grazing contently with the rest of the crew and I will be happy for the time she spent with at SAINTS and the many memories I will always carry.


I could go to the fundraiser in vancouver on the 3rd or 4th for you. If it's the 3rd I have a drs apt in vanc by vgh at 10:50 so could be there by 12ish. Let me know.