Rescue Journal it possible?

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2008

does spritely's foot look marginally better tonight? when i was at the feed store on monday...there was this laminated sheet on the counter, showing gross pictures of gross hooves on horses. it was an ad for a product called (i think) says it repairs hooves damaged by laminitis, fungus, infections...blah, blah. i ask the staff if it would help spritely..they said it most assuredly would.

i am willing to grab at just about anything right now so i bought some. i really am not holding out much hope but what the heck..miracles don't happen for those just sitting around on their ass.

both laura and i thought maybe spritely's foot looked better tonight...wishful thinking? maybe...hope floats til it sinks.

love you spritely.



the way the vet explained it to me was....the hoof is falling off because the underlying foot is so badly diseased from lack of circulation over the past many, many years. the natural progression of this is the hoof falls off, the canon bone drops down to where the hoof used to be because all of the supporting structures which are supposed to be there, suddenly aren't anymore.
therefore gluing won't help because it doesn't address or repair the underlying cause and damage and a new hoof can't re-grow from tissue already dead from disease.

he told me last year..."no foot, no horse"


I wondered whether the hoof could be glued or cemented into place on Sritely's lower leg, if was properly prepared, I think everyone is desperate to find a solution that keeps Spritely here where she belongs and is adored
Maybe there are miracles....