Rescue Journal

saints marks the passing of squeakers

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2008

he never actually made it up the hill to saints, he never made it out of our vets but he did make it in out of the cold and rain. somethings are just too late to fix.

rest in peace squeakers, may your next life be overflowing with care and love.


Eva Stock

Squeakers was a Saint and has a chart and has been charted on regularily and I will finish off his cart and name his rock tomorrow with love from us. Thanks to Coleen and Carol for trying so hard to help him make it in this world. Eva Rest in peace dear kitty.


I only asked about him the other night too and was already thinking of him as a Saint. God Bless Squeakers.


i am sorry he never actually got to come to saints. i am sure he would have loved it there.