Animal Updates


Chris  ·  Sep. 25, 2008

Laura and Lana sent some pictures of Spritely for everyone to enjoy. Here you go!


Eva Stock

My gosh lana what an awesome job!! They are the best! and so is our Spritely. I was there at 3 pm and she was fine and just so gorgeous Carol. Oka seemed better and was barking for food which I did not give . Jessie refused to go out the little darling. The Americats were all busy going in and out and I turned the heat down one notch too. I put the fan on in the bunny room and killed a dozen flies. Frodo ate and understood when I put him in as I told him you were at work and I promised he will be out when you get home.

I chated on Squeakers and I moved his chart and put his name on a stone and put it in the garden. I emptied all the trays of water and wiped off the benches. I charted on all the other animals and need an update on Phylis please. Will definetly see you tomorrow pm as we have previosly arranged Carol. Will then catch up on any charting that is needed. Also will help with whatever you need at that time. Bye for now. Off to a pm game of football in Maple Ridge with Colton. Eva


thx chris for posting, it was a great way to wake up this morning to see our beautiful girl....lana took these pics on are NOT supposed to be running, spritely, busted, and on camera too!

Marie Bellemare

Spritely is such a happy "happy girl" it is felt all the way to Montreal !! thank you for those beautiful pictures !


Spritely is such a ham. I think she was thrilled to have the opportunity to communicate through the camera lens. What a BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!