Rescue Journal

unfair advantage

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2008

so...coco-puff has been bugging me for weeks to let her sleep on my bed. the answer is NO. she is not my dog, she has tooth picks for legs and i refuse to be responsible if she falls off in the night and breaks one. she also has a flail chest, and at night i flail around and she is too little and broken to survive me if i flail the wrong way.

but coco is spoiled rotten and no to her means yes so ahe has continued to torment me, fussing and crying and hopping, and looking at me pathetically with her big, moist marble eyes.

the answer is STILL no, she is NOT my dog and she can damn well go sleep on the couch which she jumps up and down on, cheerfully ignoring the safety concerns i raise.

until...renee and trina dressed her up in the cutest freaking tiny chi coat. it has a bear in the middle of her back, it fits her like a glove, it is all pink and swirly with pretty colors and it has given her the advantage she needed to win the bed war.

last night coco-puff slept with me...i just couldn't resist her...she was just too freaking cute and sweet...we awoke this morning with her safely curled up in my chest AND with her toothpick legs still hale and hearty....whew, thank you god!
sometimes i just cannot handle the stress around here...esp with 5 pound dogs who aren't real saints but look like they are cuz they are in my freaking bedroom, dressed up so nicely and trying to jump up on my bed.



yellow dog is a male (somehow both of us missed that penis when we were looking) his name is "buddy" and mom is picking him up as soon as renee arrives at saints. my excuse was late, i was tired, my eyes suck and YOU said he was a girl so i just took your word for it!

Eva Stock

That sounds so cute about Coco Puff Carol and she is off to the vets on Friday, tomorrow and so that will be a nice farewell for her. My God I hope she does well at home!!

Hope yellow dog slept well and the family are not like Jessie's and abandon her. Good luck with that today. Let me know if you need my help in any way. Eva