Rescue Journal

poor jewel

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2008

she is not feeling so great tonight...they pulled two massively side by side abcessed and broken teeth. her poor pointy face is swollen right up to her eye but she is on pretty good pain meds tonight. they flushed out the cavity with iodine plus she is still on ABX so hopefully that swelling will go down soon and she will start feeling better.

i said my good byes to coco puff this morning while we still lay in bed in the dark. she did well with her surgery today and her family will pick her up directly from the clinic tomorrow. i pray to god that i made the right decision for her and that this is what coco would have chosen...the problem is...her family told me what they wanted but i couldn't hear what cocopuff had to say. right or wrong decision...i will never know, i will just worry and wonder for a very, very long time.

i will say this tho..that after 6 weeks of caring for and loving that dog...i would pay anything to have her back again if that was what she really wanted too.

oka is up and down...i am not too happy with how he is doing.

jack is an awesome dog, phyllis is an absolute doll and i have heartburn tonight from way too much worry...hopefully with spritely doing well again my heart will stop doing freaking flip flops BEFORE my esophagus melts away.

it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend!


Chris T

As long as Cocopuff's people know that once a SAINT always a SAINT hopefully they will let you know if she needs your help again. Take care Carol.