Rescue Journal

a decent day

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2008

saints welcomes...libby and lady from TG...LOVELY little couch potatoes who have kept me company while i watched a bit of tv.

saints also welcomes "broken tail" who will now be known as webster. he came via VHS...a street cat one of their volunteers had been feeding for the past couple of years and now she is moving so he needed a place to go before winter. he is currently a bit sedated because we had him fiv/felv tested which he wasn't too keen on and sent off a geri-panel to see if there is anything we need to know about him... not sure if he is lovely or not but whatever...eventually he will be.

a couple of tours today and terri and her grand daughter came from shar pei rescue to spend some time with chyna, a new mom and daughter volunteer crew who just jumped right in today (yay and thank you!)

coco went home to her family...miss you little cocopuff.
i am tired and sore and achy but i better get the barn guys to bed because eva is taking me out for dinner to my FAVORITE place which i am really looking forward to and maybe it will perk me up.

all is sort of well tonight on the saints front...spritely brought us our much needed miracle. tugs and sparky and raymond continue to be a concern as does spunky who just will not come out of the bathroom yet....but other than that all seems well.

oh and yes...cuddles has finally forgiven me.



not sure if you are working tomorrow, but zoe and i are coming out but it will be late -around 330-4ish.
feel like going to rockos or springs for a late lunch early dinner?


i meant lippy!
that is phyllis emma...she is here, she is lovely (and wrecked)


Carol - what happened to the leaky dog at the shelter you were picking up?? Nudge does NOT have calcium crystals in her urine anymore (yeah!) but her third round of bloodwork has not come back yet so that's what I really need to see. Fingers crossed.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Actually it is Lady and Lippy! Lippy is a boy! Thank you Carol for taking them in - they are a nice little pair.