Rescue Journal

everyone loves beau...almost

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2008

chyna plays with him, buddy plays with him, lady plays with him, even monty the cat plays with him...lippy tells him to "F" off. oh and... eddie doesn't like him very much either....he is not into that grab a friend around the neck and roll around all over the floor stuff. i think he is cute but i am glad he is busy bugging someone else instead of me. if you ask me puppies are a pain up close but fun to watch from a distance.

20 year old toby is finally beginning to look 20 yrs old...unless he is eating, he pretty much just sleeps.

webster (aka broken tail) has been on a hunger strike. i finally got him to eat something today, even if it was only a handful of temptations. i think inside that solomn not so happy cat is a pretty cool guy.

i am quite enjoying spunk, he really is a very sweet cat. he is turning into quite the lap buddy and has lost that pissed off edge. now to convince him to move out of the bathroom...that is the very next step.

we have no idea what the sheep were up to last night but they busted tunie's door AND the two by four closing the outside door. mo found them waiting for her by the gate this morning...what the heck is up with our sweet, gentle and never cause trouble sheep?...they were freaking busy last night.

have i mentioned that jack is a giant big baby? he cries like a fool to get you to be with him and no jack you are NOT moving into the kitchen.

i was planning on taking most of tomorrow off from saints cuz i have a 4 day weekend off from work but we are down a staff person on both mon and tues so i guess i won't this time laid plans of mice and men (and rescuers) can quickly just turn into burnt, dried out toast. it sucks but that is the way burnt toast occasionally crumbles....ah well maybe if i work hard and fast i can get it all done with a few hours to spare.

do not be a rescuer if you want to actually have a a librarian maybe instead.



To be a Librarian one would have to be quiet, sorry I couldn't do that!!! It's just not in my nature although I would love all the books.