Rescue Journal

can't sleep...still fussing

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2008

i am worried about spunk and webster and ellie and spritely and oka and tugs and sparky and our beloved raymond.

i am worried that there is no water here for when the staff arrive in the morning and the water delivery won't happen til afternoon.

i am worried about the vet bills and the unending cycle in rescue of feast or famine. i am worried about stuff getting away from me, like the current laundry pile and the smell in the house...too many incontinent animals and no endless water supply to wash it all up.

i am worried that even with regular paid staff on board, we never seem to get on top of everything. and that i wasted days off like today with all of the visitors and i never got to the extra sewing freaking curtains and making bank deposits....ok, i am slightly relieved about the sewing part.
i am worried because i totally forgot i was supposed to go to the accountants on these days off about a few paying the quarterly receiver general and WCB bills because we actually have paid employees. i won't have time on my lunch break tomorrow, there is the vet house call here instead. and i have no idea why the notary hasn't called about the re-mortgage documents... (that's a lie...they might have called on the house phone which has had a full mail box for 2 solid weeks cuz i kept putting off checking the messages which i didn't want to hear anyway...ever notice that no one ever leaves a message that they are giving you a million bucks to help with your rescue work? but there are tons of calls to worry you more about something that you can't do anything about anyway..... BUT, i told the bank to give them my cell number so they should not have reached a dead end.... i bet it didn't happen so this might be my fault once again.) and on top of it all i am regretting the re-mortgage idea anyway because the insurence company may deny insuring me on the new one because of my previous broken ankle claim and i need that freaking insurence in case something happens to me again.

ok, now i am just making myself sick while i list it all...why can't life occasionally just be worry-free and a little bit easy? and then i could maybe actually sleep BEFORE i have to get up for work.



elaine, phone me either at 8267287 0r 3027871. i could drop off the laundry tomorrow morning at some time. have to know where you live tho or email me at thanks


is there someone that can drop off the laundry for me. Sorry I have been ill feeling much better now. Would love to do yr laundry if someone could pick up and deliver thanks Elaine


I would skip the Baileys and go for Gravol or an antihistamine to induce sleep. Or if you're brave enough a drop of Baileys and one of the above!


I know what thats like laying in bed worrying about everything around you and more. I do have to say you are way more creative than I am. Hope all is well today with you and the Saints. I'll be thinking about you. Rae
P.S Have you ever tried Baileys with a hint of carmel?