Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2008


could someone please find this freaking puppy a solid gold home????? we are all wayyyy too old for this.


soooo...for five freaking days ellie laid in her bed...too tired to get up, too tired to eat (except apples), too tired to pee and poop unless i basically man handled her screaming out the freaking door. and today was the day that vet came to visit to see what was wrong with our ellie-mae. she ate ALL of her breakfast (we mixed it with 2 lunch box cups of mandarin oranges), she went outside all perky and without a peep AND she RAN across the field to say hello to the vet.

here is how our conversation went...

the, i have never seen her move so well.

me....well she has been bed ridden and not really eating for the past 5 days, maybe she just needed rest.

the vet....she is eating those weeds along the fence.

me...honestly, all she has eaten is apples for the past several days.

the what makes you think a white pig is pale?

me...she is not a white pig, she is a light pink pig and she is even less light pink than usual.

the vet...lets get a stool specimen, is there any of her manure around here? (i start looking and can't find any of ellie's pig poops.)

me...i can't find any, i don't think she has been pooping. (as soon as these words are out of my mouth, ellie obligingly poops...i swear to god that pig winked at me....the vet said "thx ellie" and grabbed the sample))

the vet.. is her skin always this cool? (sigh.. ellie is now munching a mouthful of hay)
me (kind of excitedly), but last night i thought she was cooler than usual too! (hah! maybe i got something right!)

the vet...well since you think she is pale, lethargic and cool...i will take her stool spec along to the clinic and see what we see (i was more hoping for a hemoglobin check...i was afraid to ask cuz maybe thinking of getting blood samples from a pale pig princess is a stupid idea)

hmmm...did i look like an idiot? thx alot ellie mae.


after we were done with ellie we went and looked at spritely and the vet is pleased with her foot.

so next we went searching for spot so we could see if that wooden block had fallen off her foot (nope, so spot's podiatrist has to come back and get it off now)

while we were looking for spot, percy came looking for us...he made a grab for ellie's poop bag and almost got it too. i grabbed it from the vet fast and hid it behind my back. percy then tried to pull her stethescope out of her back pocket. i grabbed that too before he did and apologized for my rude and thieving cow. thx percy.... my not sick pig and my stupid busy body cow make me look like a crazy animal person.

as a society, we don't just abandon our animals, we abandon ourselves too. we leave our kids to fend for themselves, we ignore our aging parents, we consign the homeless forever to the streets... as a species, we sometimes really do suck. (it was a sad day at work today)

sighing again...ellie only ate her apples and pears for supper tonight.


Eva Stock

Oh my gosh I can't believe that little princess was performing as I saw that lethargy, absence of appetite, etc. the little brat princess!! And then dear Percy decides to perform as well. Can you imagine when the vet went back to the clinic! It is about the stories. Eva

Francesca Wilson

Carol what a wondefully funny story about Ellie It's started the morning off with a chuckle for me - good to see that we are hoodwinked by these dear animals sometimes.

cheryl and stef

maybe because she had so much hay...she was sure chowing down on that earlier today...that is one fantastic beautiful pig...thanks for letting us visit today