Rescue Journal

i just woke up from a nightmare

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2008

it was so horribly vivid and since it is about rescue, i will post it here.

we were at some kind of travelling gyspy fair and apparently unbeknownest to me, so was one of our precious saints. we had finished whatever our business was and were heading home again. we all met at the airline terminal and were comparing notes from the day when someone said..."oh yeah, and the best thing was a really nice lady just paid $600 for muffy, the foster dog"

"what do you mean she PAID?"

i go hiking off to search for this supposedly nice woman and i find her tucked into a darkened corner (the whole terminal was dark and grey) thinking she was playing, but actually tormenting, this old blind black mid sized demented poodle who i am assuming was muffy the foster dog. i introduced myself and thanked her for being so kind and the woman said "i just had to buy her, i felt so sorry for the poor old ugly thing" hmmm...i don't like this woman at all.

i casually mention that muffy is incontinent and pees like a race horse on everything. the woman literally picked up that dog and tossed her right at me (bitch!)..."well THAT won't do" said she and i gave a sigh of relief.

i wasn't even finished sighing when her friend grabbed the dog and said (in a french accent) "oh poof...what is a bit of incontinence, i will take her then" (there is almost always someone with a deep smokey french accent in my dreams, what the heck does that mean? one of the nurses i work with is french, i love the way she says my name...caaaa-rule)

and she freaking disappeared before my eyes...poof, no overly made up scary french lady, no freaking muffy the foster dog.

now i am starting to panic and am back on the search...i come across a whole freaking group of these kind of past their prime, all dressed and made up, really scary ladies, sitting and smoking and laughing and joking with muffy wandering around underneath them totally and completely lost.

i sit down and join them and i very politely say..."i didn't get a chance to talk to you and was just wondering about a couple of things (in my nightmares i am unlike in real life...i was articulate, calm and very, very smooth...i wish i could carry that over into reality.)

"soooo...what do you do for a living? do you still work and what will you do with muffy when you have to go to work?"

"well..." says she in her beautifully rich french voice "we swoosh and we fly and she will of course, swoosh and fly with us too."

...nightmare carol was brilliant at deciphering what she just said..."oh, so you work for the airlines, yes? you are all hostesses?" bingo.

" i am truly sorry, i wasn't looking for an airline employee home for this dog'" (huh?)

and i pick up little muffy and head for a bright light filled door.

suddenly all of these really scary women turn into a pack of angry black pomerainians (RAE!!!) and are nipping at my heels as i try to scurry away. and who bursts out of the bright light door to defend me while i beat a hasty retreat? but chyna the now sharpei with patchy, thinning long hair, short legged (like jewel,) chocolate lab cross.... she put the run on those freaking pissed off poms.

muffin and i made it thru the bright white light door and chyna, the weird looking not sharpei slipped in behind us...and since my arms were full of muffy the foster dog, i kicked that door shut behind me and yelled..."who the F#$% did this freaking F#@%'ed up adoption?!"

and then i woke up.

weird dream eh?


Beverly- Mal Rescue

HAHAHAHAHA... geez I thought I had strange dreams lmao! I've not had much sense of humor lately so thank you for that giggle :)

Chris T

Your head is truly a scary place...LOL.

Perhaps you should not sleep.