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beware of the the other side of crazy

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2008 we are all a little bit nutz in rescue (in a good sort of way)...we know this...we have to be a little bit crazy to do what we do every day.

but oh my goodness, beware of the rescuer who truly resides in whacko and insane...the other not so nice side of crazy, cuz those folks are freaking scary.

these ones are easy to recognize cuz they leave you feeling sick and dark inside and they come in every shape and form with a couple of things in common.

some have so many uncared for animals that the animals happen to desperately need rescuing from their rescuers now.

some just shove down others throats their single, memorized line of singular propoganda which they parrot over and over without any consideration or the idiots who try to convince really shitty homes to keep their pet cuz giving them up is wrong...excuse me...but sometimes giving an animal up is a VERY good thing for the animal and the only intelligent decision that family has ever made..
some are just stupid...i mean really, really stupid...they convince joe blow public, they know EVERYTHING there is to know about animals and rescue and doing things right and yet sadly what they actually know is not that valuable or accurate at all.

AND some (this is who i REALLY want to talk about today...) actively go searching to mess something or someone up so they can feel like they are a hero today. they jump into stuff head first without any thought as long as they can make themselves somehow look like a mission impossible rescuer to themselves or anyone else.

these are the folks that dress up like animal control officers and use fraud and intimidation to steal peoples dogs. they might represent themselves as one of the legit rescue groups, or the SPCA. they sneak around fences in the dark of the night and not only steal desperately neglected dogs but any they don't think live exactly dogs who happen to be left in the garage when their folks go to work...yes i am talking about a certain malamute here in case someone is pretending i am not.
hello not so bright ones?...any owner who cares enough to move their dog from the house to a garage so they are safe and warm and dry while the owner is out.... is infinitely better than one who leaves their dog chained to a post outside 24/7 for their entire life.

and by the way since there are so many of the 24/7 really neglected variety kind dontcha think ya got enough to do to rescue THOSE ones instead.

come on turn on your brain here...think a little for a change....the ignored and neglected 24/7 dogs have NO ONE WATCHING them, their folks just don't care. they are way easier to get yer hands on too. gee, you don't have to risk jail with fraud and impersonation won't be charged with intimidation from bullying folks around. probably the cops won't even care that you liberate some hungry, sick and lonely dog from a lifelong chain and won't put out all that much effort into finding you cuz they don't like losers who really neglect their animals either.

BUT...start going after dogs who actually live in the house with their families sometimes, who get taken for walks and go to the vet and are fed regularly good quality food, who the family actually LOVES even if they put them out in the garage when they go to work where they are safe, dry and warm and where they have toys scattered around to keep them busy while mom and dad are stupid and go after THOSE kind of dogs and you are going to end up in BIG trouble that WILL one day completely and totally ruin your life.

the public will maybe support a rescuer who does what they do because if they do not, an animal will suffer and die...but the public will NOT support some crazy ass moron who can't tell the difference from a dog with a family and a dog all on his own. and neither will the rest of us in rescue.

clean up your act or get out of rescue....dumb clueless dog theives are not much help to anyone.
or grab a brain here and at least try to be not so insane...NO ONE is going to tolerate you running amuck and pulling your crazy shit for animals that are doing ok. and IF you cannot tell the difference from a dog that needs rescuing and a dog that does not, then i am sorry to say that you have crossed over into the dark side of crazy and need to find your way back out again pretty damn quick.



Great post, Carol! Some people are totally targetting the wrong animals to supposedly "rescue". Thanks for saying it so boldly! The must have a screw loose!

Beverly- Mal Rescue

LOL... I love you Carol :)

It's nice to know people who are not way out in rescue la la land.


I think I'm experiencing SAINTS withdrawal! I'll have to come out with Nicole soon. :) So many new guys I haven't met yet.


It's not like there isn't enough animals in the world that really do need help. It always amazes me the lengths people will go to make themselves feel important.
It was great to see you and all the Saints today Carol. Phyllis is hilarious and I just love Jesse"Queen of the MP Room"


well at least with you is what we see is what we get and that is a good thing i guess there are some pretty strange rescuers out there and it is crappy that we sometimes have to rescue the animal from the rescuer hope icky is happy in her new home and i am sure spunky is tammy is very loving with cats. when does our cody go to her new home. she is striking it doubly lucky with zoe and nicole. have a good evening.