Rescue Journal

and the day just gets smaller and sadder...

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2008

simon, our little domestic wild bunny is in trouble. a few weeks ago he damaged his eye and while it healed very well...he is now totally blind on that side. he was fine this morning and fine when i saw him at lunch, he was no longer fine when i got home from work tonight.

i think something scared him this afternoon and when he gets frightened he charges away to escape. he must have hit his blind eye on something while fleeing ( he can't see anything out of that side) because now it is fully ruptured and it would have taken quite a blow to do that to him. i will try to catch him in the morning and get him into the vet. he will now have to have the eye removed and due to his tendency to freak out when he is scared, i don't expect him to survive the attempt to help him. bunnies die of heart attacks when they are really and truly and totally freaked out, or they run into something and rupture their eye.
this really sucks. i should have left him on the street...he might have been lonely and died a premature and violent death but jeezus christ, we are killing that poor rabbit with our stupid human kindness. i am just utterly sick inside tonight.



When you have to make a million decisions---many of them will turn out great(and you don't notice, because things going well don't catch your attention) and some aren't going to turn out the way you want (and your mind gets stuck on these, like a sore tooth).

You can't know in advance how your decision will turn out. BUT--letting it go is better for your body (than feeling sick inside). And then you can make your best decision next time. Body lasts longer, too. Poor old adrenals, feeling sick inside.